New to Texas Hiking? 7 Hikes to Get You Started

New to Texas Hiking? 7 Hikes to Get You Started

I hike a lot of miles in Texas, and folks want to know: Where do you go? If you’re new to hiking in Texas, it can be a daunting question. For starters, everything is spread over a huge land mass. This is annoying when all you want is a 10-mile jaunt in the woods without […]

10 Tips for Directionally Challenged Hikers (Like Me)

Can you hike if you're directionally challenged? I do. Here are my tips.

We were in Colorado Bend State Park in Bend, Texas. It was a mid-day hike, about five miles in, and I said to my mom, “I don’t think we’re going in the right direction.” She was not surprised. I’m her child who ended up in Memphis on my way to Chicago from Murray, Kentucky. This […]

How an Outdoor Overplanner Became a Non-Planner

Is it possible to go from an overplanner to a non-planner?

In August we planned a 13-day camping trip in Colorado and New Mexico. He created a shared Google Doc and I had a 2-page camping list in my smartphone. We planned our route, made reservations at sight-unseen campgrounds and pre-cooked most of our meals after careful review of countless recipes on Pinterest. Fast forward seven […]