Public Lands

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring public lands and parks. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

Adrianne Haslet

4 Ways to Create Welcoming Spaces for Disabled Outdoor Users

If you’ve never tried to head outside with a physical challenge or injury, you probably have breezed by how doing so looks for those who …

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These Are Our Favorite National Park Pictures (So Far)

These Are Our Favorite National Park Photos (So Far)

It’s hard not to state at the wildflowers on public lands in Alaska.Over the last few years of glorious adventures, we’ve visited a lot of …

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This New National Park Passport Book is Just for Kids

I’ve told you about how obsessed we are with the Passport Stamp program at U.S. National Parks. Each National Park and National Monument, as well …

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Looking for the best camping tips, tricks and hack? Here’s what we’ve discovered.

People camp on the Homer Spit in Homer, Alaska.

What Is ‘Car Camping?’

We get this question a lot — what is “car camping?” Car camping is, quite simply, just that: camping via your car. People use the …

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Pre-Game It: Make an Outdoor Plan

Pre-Game It: Make an Outdoor Plan

If you’re in a part of the U.S. with heavy winter weather, it probably seems like spring and summer are still far, far away. But …

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Don't know what to take on your first camping trip? Here's what you need to go camping.

Here’s What You Need To Go Camping

When we first started car camping (that means driving to the camping spot — not camping in your car, although you could do that too) …

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Advice and experiences from our many adventures.

How to Visit Alaska With Kids

Trying to visit Alaska with kids? Or maybe you live in Alaska with kids already, but just don’t know how to get started traveling the …

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7 Reasons to Move to Alaska

7 Things to Know Before You Move to Alaska

Ready to move to Alaska and head up north to the Last Frontier? Leaving it all to move to Alaska seemed like the only solution …

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A view from a red eye flight

These Are My Best Red Eye Flight Tips

I have taken more red eye flights than I ever imagined I would. But because of that I have some hard earned red eye flight …

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