Public Lands

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring public lands and parks. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

Did you know active duty military members and their dependents can get a free National Park pass? Here's how:

Free National Parks ‘America the Beautiful’ Pass for Military

Active Duty members of the military or National Guard and Reservists who want to hit the National Parks are in luck thanks to an ongoing program …

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Mammoth Cave National Park hosts an awesome Mammoth Cave wild cave tour. We've got the scoop.

Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour: Go Deep

One morning I woke-up and thought “You know what we should do today? Go spelunking for six hours on the Mammoth Cave wild cave tour.” …

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Where to find Great Smoky Mountains passport stamps? We have the list -- with pictures!

Where to Find Great Smoky Mountains Passport Stamps

On a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park I did what I always do at any National Park location. I hunted down …

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Looking for the best camping tips, tricks and hack? Here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Advice and experiences from our many adventures.

#North2Future Day 4 and 5: Sensing a Theme in the Rockies

A slightly delayed post about day four and into day five, thanks to no reception.  Down, out of Rocky Mountain National Park, we meandered. Into plains, …

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#North2Future Day 3: Beauty That Makes You Cry

#North2Future Day 3: Beauty That Makes You Cry

Ever seen something so beautiful that you just couldn’t handle it? That was Rocky Mountain National Park to me. Indescribable, jaw-dropping majesty that made me …

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When You Drive Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size

When You Drive With Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size

Chloe is a 45 lbs. terrier mix. That, at least, is what her vet papers said when we brought her home from the Fort Campbell …

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