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Welcome to the Humans Outside podcast, where we explore life in the great outdoors from our perch in Alaska, all while hearing from fascinating outdoor-minded guests.

People like to say nature is for everyone, but do we really act like it is?

From a lack of bigger bodies in outdoor marketing, to other-ing attitudes from both rangers and fellow outdoor users, the problems are real.

Never experienced these challenges or don’t know they exist? That might be because you’re not someone at whom they are targeted.

Creating welcoming spaces outside is everyone’s work, and it starts with acknowledging the problem by listening to the personal experiences of those who have faced these issues. How do they handle them? How can we make spaces that are open — not in words, but in action — for everyone?

Brandi Small lays it all out in this episode based on her own experience on the trail and in the campgrounds.

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Have you ever noticed certain seasons smell more strongly than others? I’ve been working to lean into my five senses — hearing, smell, taste, sight, touch — during my daily outdoor time, inspired by a recent conversation with Gretchen Rubin, author of “Life in Five Senses.” Taking time for a little extra intentionality has enriched my outdoor time, and left me noticing something special about my sense of smell and this time of year.

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So we all want to be people who are outside having cool adventures — but what about finding adventure right where you live? How do you learn the best local spots, break out of your comfort zone to try something new and, maybe even more importantly, find adventure buddies with whom to do it?

Those are all questions Kierre Childers is working to tackle through her Palmer, Alaska-based tour company Revel Treks and Tours, which focuses on helping locals get outside and explore Alaska.

Breaking outside your comfort zone in your own backyard can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re squeezing it into your already packed life. But Kierre has some great suggestions for making it happen as you learn to explore right where you live, find a community to do it with and get comfortable with asking for help.

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Step outside daily and transform your life

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  • Humans Outside challenge guide
  • Humans Outside challenge tracker sheet
  • Finisher decal


  • Humans Outside challenge guide
  • Humans Outside challenge tracker sheet
  • Finisher decal
  • Challenge finisher medal



  • Humans Outside challenge guide
  • Humans Outside challenge tracker sheet
  • Finisher decal
  • Challenge finisher medal
  • Humans Outside decal
  • Humans Outside neck gaiter



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