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They say spending time in nature can change your life. But in a world packed with indoor life pressures, how can you make getting outside just a part of who you are? Welcome to the Humans Outside podcast, where we explore life in the great outdoors from our perch in Alaska, all while hearing from fascinating outdoor-minded guests.

Major hip surgery is a great reason to hang out on the couch for a few days and not go outside … unless, that is, you’re working on a more than three year 20 minutes-per-day outdoor streak. Amy didn’t let hip surgery get her down. Hear how she continued to get outside and what she needs from you on this week’s episode of the Humans Outside Outdoor Diary.

What’s the difference between wilderness therapy and just, well, going outside? Judith Sadora, a licensed therapist based in Oregon, practices wilderness therapy with clients outdoors and is an expert in how spending time outside can help us work through trauma. Hear why the outdoors is a great “container” and how to create your own therapeutic experience outside in this thoughtful and insightful episode.



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How Spending Time Outside Can Help Your Marriage

How Spending Time Outside Can Help Your Marriage

It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but not long after I began heading outside as a part of my at least 20 minutes daily Humans Outside challenge, I started to notice that doing so was helping not only my own …

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Adrianne Haslet

4 Ways to Create Welcoming Spaces for Disabled Outdoor Users

If you’ve never tried to head outside with a physical challenge or injury, you probably have breezed by how doing so looks for those who do. Think about that as a “privilege.” Not having to consider how to go outside …

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Backcountry camping in Alaska

What is ‘Backcountry’ Camping?

What is “backcountry” camping? What is “frontcountry” camping? If you’re new to camping you’ve likely heard the term “backcountry camping” but might not know what it means. Is backcountry camping something you want to do? Is it the right thing …

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