There is no stopping Max Romey — not when he’s painting, not when he’s filming, not when he’s running and not when he’s doing all three at the exact same time. Instead of tackling learning challenges in the classroom, Max finds his way in the world by sharing what he sees with others. What he does is better than brilliant and it’s better than art: it’s inspiration. In this episode Max shares with us his why, his world and insights into how you can find for yourself the same life fire he feels.

[2:11] Max Romey’s favorite outdoor space

[3:00] How Max became a person who heads outside

[5:45] How Max sees storytelling

[7:08] Max describes his art

[12:34] How Max found his place in the world

[19:17] How nature unlocks creativity

[27:02] How 2020 changed Max’s projects and what he’s working on now

[31:25] Proof Amy is very bad at Alaska state history

[38:40] How heading outside can help non-artists tap their creativity

[44:17] Max’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[47:41] Max’s favorite outdoor moment

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Favorite outdoor gear: A jacket with a great chest pocket (we like this one from Outdoor Research) and a travel size sketchpad and watercolor set.

Most essential outdoor gear: A great running vest or backpack (this Adv Skin 12 from Salomon is still our favorite).

It’s easy to fall into a rut of the same old, same old when you head outside every day. After all, it’s simpler to just do the things that are, well, simple instead of seeking big adventure or heading out somewhere farther from home.

So how do you avoid that rut? In this episode we talk about what you “should” do when you head outside every day and how to keep it interesting.

[:25] In a rut?

[1:00] Amy’s experience

[2:13] Balance and intentionality

[4:23] How Amy got outside this week

[4:50] The importance of a midlayer

So you want to start a new habit like going outside every day no matter what, but you always seem to get derailed somehow. What are you doing wrong? And how can you keep yourself on track?

Sarah Hays Coomer has written a new book about exactly that. Hear Sarah talk in our Season 3 premiere not only about the how of building a habit, but the power of figuring out what you need, where it fits in your life, how to keep it going and the power of nature in all of that.

Listen to the episode on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

[2:22] Sarah Hays Coomer’s favorite outdoor space
[3:23] How Sarah first connected with the outdoors
[6:21] Why it’s important to go outside especially when you don’t want
[8:40] About Sarah’s book, The Habit Trip: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose
[9:28] How to create a habit
[13:15] How to know what you need
[18:45] How going outside impacts creating a habit
[22:35] What is a habit reward?
[26:14] The practice of creating a habit
[31:39] How does developing a habit help you create more?
[35:47] A few great tips for creating habits
[40:57] Sarah’s favorite and most essential outdoor great
[42:37] Sarah’s favorite outdoor momen

If you’re building or keeping an outdoor habit, you might’ve wondered what, exactly, counts as “outside” time? Are there any rules? Do you have to be in a specific place, see a specific thing, do a specific activity? Must be only daylight? Only a park? Do you have to be moving?

In this episode Amy talks through the guardrails she thinks you should – or shouldn’t – have, and talks about the ones she has for herself.

[:45] Why talking about “what counts” matters
[1:15] Gretchen Rubin likes rules, too.
[2:30] Amy likes the rules, OK?
[3:05] 3 things to remember
[3:30] The rules Amy has for herself
[4:15] What Amy doesn’t count
[5:05] What Amy did outside last week+
[5:45] Outdoor hero

Are you ready for Season 3 of Humans Outside? We are! Season 3 is all about those practical insights and how-tos for building and keeping that outdoor habit. Come with me as I talk to experts and enthusiasts learning about creating a life focused on the outdoors and how to make the most of the gifts it offers.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

[:20] Welcome to Season 3
[:30] About Humans Outside
[1:23] About Season 3
[2:30] Fun ways to connect with us