There’s something special about the way spring sounds in Alaska.

Maybe it’s how dramatic the experience is as compared to the sounds of winter. Maybe it’s that they’re happy sounds that I can hear through my windows. Maybe it’s that the weather is so much nicer than it had been, that I’m outside more to hear sounds at all.

Whatever the reason, I’m loving the outdoor symphony. Here’s what I’ve been noticing.

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[00:35] I’m feeling really grateful for my ears
[00:52] Here’s the source of my leaning into my senses challenge
[01:46] The sounds of spring are basically the best
[02:02] Here’s a few examples
[02:26] Birds, birds, birds.
[03:31] Not birds but still souds
[04:04] OK, winter has sounds, too

I do it to myself and over and over again. That feeling of overwhelm sneaks right in, and it’s entirely because of my own poor choices.

(You would think I’d learn my lesson, but I have not.)

So when the going gets crowded, what do I do? I think you’re probably going to guess. But the wild thing is just how much adding more of it to my schedule helps.

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[00:23] Yeah, OK I do this to myself

[01:17] We know the signs — truly

[01:32] Maybe I could do this before

[02:25] This is the part where we come up with a solution

[02:43] When, in fact, the real solution is this one that doesn’t make any sense.

[03:33] The reason it helps? Priorities.

I used to hear friends talk about the crazy wonderful things they were spotting outside and wonder how it was I was missing out. Why didn’t I see that stuff? Were they trying harder? Going places I didn’t want to go? Getting up in tbe middle of the night to do it?

And then one day I stumbled upon their secret by accident. And now that I’ve figured out the trick to seeing wonders outside, I just can’t stop.

  • It’s not that hard
  • It doesn’t take any extra work
  • It does take intention

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[00:35] Yes, I’m an early riser

[01:32] This morning experience changed my perspective

[02:12] All I had to do was take this step

[02:31] Yes, I missed stuff

[03:03] But now I see this stuff, too

When was the last time you thought about the way learning to notice and navigate changing seasons affects how you view your indoor life?

One of the best things about spending a lot of time outdoors is how it prompts you to pause and see how the world is shifting day by day. Are you ready for it? Are you taking it as it comes?

No matter how you approach the shift in seasons, one thing is certain: getting used to changes outdoors can teach you a thing or two about changes indoors.

Getting okay with growth
Noticing when it’s coming
Embracing what it brings

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[00:35] Here’s a highly philosophical observation about the sun

[01:28] We’ve got some signs of spring up in here

[02:31] Let’s get aware of seasons

[03:11] No solar eclipse here, but we do have seasons changing

[03:29] There’s sun and I’m not mad about it

[04:00] Just over here learning from nature for my inside life, once again

When did you last hug a tree? I mean literally, actually hug a tree?

Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but hang with me, because this silly thing has been recharging and reshaping how I feel about heading outside.

Listen now!   

[00:35] Tree Hugging as Gratitude

[01:20] Grounding Experience of Tree Hugging

[01:41] Winter Contrast and Appreciation in Seattle

[02:49] Monthly Sit Spot Reflection 

[03:08] Observations and Gratitude for Trees

[04:36] Emotional and Sensory Connection with Nature