If you’ve been keeping your outdoor habit for awhile just like me, you might be looking for a way to give it a little boost. Or maybe you’re new to this, but want to add a little spice or specific outings to your outdoor life.

If that’s you, this easy new outdoor habit I’m trying this year is probably the perfect fit. It’s a simple, low time commitment and interesting option and I can’t wait to see how it goes over the coming months.

Want to join me? Learn all about it in this episode of Humans Outside. Listen now!

[:28] I was worried about getting stuck in a rut

[:54] I was curious about forest bathing

[1:22] And then I heard this idea from Alastair Humphries — brilliant!

[2:19] How I picked my own version

[3:24] Here’s what I picked

[4:05] Here’s what I did while I was there

[5:04] You should do this, too!

One of my favorite things I’ve gained from heading outside every day? The discovery that I have an incredibly useful superpower.

No, it’s not x-ray vision, time travel or flying, which is a bummer because those would all be very cool. It’s a move power — the power to make myself do things I don’t want to do. And you cannot imagine how helpful this superpower is in all sorts of circumstances.

I think you have a superpower, too. Let’s figure out what it is.

Listen now!

[:35] I was here when I remembered my superpower

[1:14] This is my superpower and why I love it

[2:35] I think you have a superpower, too — here’s what it might be

[3:29] Why these superpowers matter

If new habits or a wellness practice refresh is on your mind, you’re in good company. The start of a new year or new season often feels like the perfect time for a refresh.

But if you’re going to squeeze in a new helpful habit or practice, you might need to phase out an old, less-helpful one. And that’s easy to say, but hard to do.

In this episode of Humans Outside, wellness coach and habit expert Sarah Hays Coomer walks us through how to build good habits and get rid of old ones while talking through practical examples of how to make it happen.

Listen now!

[2:54] Sarah Hays Coomer’s favorite outdoor space

[4:28] How Sarah became someone who likes to go outside

[7:12] A little bit on the nuts and bolts of habits

[9:29] Some practical habit building

[14:41] The seasons of habits

[18:20] The cruel irony of flexibility vs. consistency

[19:30] Why some habits are hard to break

[22:23] What a growth mindset has to do with it

[24:00] The curiosity factor

[28:30] Microdosing wellness

[31:00] Fitting in the stuff you know you like even when the internet calls your name

[34:18] Breaking out of a ‘bad’ habit

[37:16] You really do have time

[39:52] Sarah’s favorite outdoor moment

It’s good to take a beat, think about the past few seasons and decide with intention how you want to go forward. My preferred method for memory? Photo scrolling.

And so I dove into some memories of outdoor time from the past year, and when I was done I had found two important outdoor lessons that I can take with me to make my future choices and adventures that much better.

… And they can help you, too.

Listen now!

[:35] Taking a cruise through old photos

[1:05] A few lessons from the past year

[2:03] The first lesson

[2:49] Lesson, the second

[4:26] My hope for you

In seasons of literal darkness it’s important to hunt for the light. And there’s plenty of places to find it — warming fires, twinkle lights or the Menorah, shining stars, headlamps and more.

But my favorite way is through a more figurative means: the light of other humans.

With winter darkness and the importance of light on my mind, now is a perfect time to briefly pause and appreciate the light of humans as we go outside together.

Listen now.

[:35] The question: where do you find light?

[1:00] The light situation around here

[1:48] Some light places

[2:45] My favorite source of light

[3:06] Here’s who they are and where to find them