Our “why” is what drives us — our ideas and dreams are our fuel. We’re living life loud, and we want you to join us. 

Hiking and waiting for you to join HumansOutside365

This Simple New Habit Changed My Life. You Should Join Me

Since the summer of 2017 I have experienced something so profoundly life altering, yet so simple that  baffled that every single person hasn’t yet made …

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The Best Female Triathlon in the U.S.

Why the Gold Nugget Triathlon Is Literally the Best

It’s not the most popular, the longest, the largest, the most extreme or the one with the best weather. But if you’re a female, it …

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This Is Me and My Macro-Counting Journey

This Is Me and My Macro Counting Journey

I feel very vulnerable sharing this. It’s easier to pretend like everything is easy, that every challenge is simple and that I have it all …

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Never stop seeking what moves you. 

Tricking yourself into Whole30? Here are my tips.

4 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Whole30 Success

I am a manipulator, and the person I manipulate most is me. I love doing hard things. I thrive off the challenge and the thrill …

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How the Whole30 Changed My Life

It started as a quirky, crazy sounding experiment popping up here and there on my Facebook newsfeed in 2012. “What the crap is Whole30?” I asked my friends. …

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The tips and tricks we’ve learned for fueling the fun.

The Great Chocolate Flavored Fish Oil Experiment

Confessions: in my adventures as a Whole30er and primarily paleo-fueled triathlete and CrossFitter, I have long been avoiding one nasty sounding thing: fish oil. First …

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