Can You Completely Unplug Outside for 7-Days? Join This Challenge

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It’s a fact: I am bad at unplugging. I try, I do. But then I get out my phone to snap a picture, or someone sends me a text message, and before I know it I am down the rabbit hole again. And inside? Forget it.

I keep social media notifications off, so that helps. And I made things a little better by getting an Apple Watch where I can see my messages without actually picking up my phone (and, therefore, not spiraling into social media) but in other ways it makes it harder to be disconnected. You can always reach me by text simply by buzzing my wrist.

The only way I’ve found to be really unplugged is to go somewhere without a cell signal. Why can’t I simply have the self control to be unplugged where a connection still exists?

Like so many things, including going outside every day, it comes down to building a new habit.

In the Feb. 25, 2021 Humans Outside episode (Episode 95 or Season 3, Episode 15), Sonya Mohamed and Sebastian Slovin, founders of Nature Unplugged and authors of the new book, Experience Nature Unplugged (which you can win!), give us some ideas for developing an unplugging habit both inside and outside.

But I need more than just ideas — I need action. And that’s why I’m doing a short new challenge: seven days of unplugged outdoor time, Sunday through Saturday.

It’s simple. For those seven days I’ll leave behind my electronics over my outdoor time. Instead of taking my daily photo during my time, I’ll take it when I get home or back to my car where I’ve stashed my phone. I’ll unplug by simply leaving my electronics behind. If you need to take yours with you for safety, you’ll need to use the self control to not get it out at all unless absolutely necessary for that safety reason.

Unplugging downloadI’ll be tracking my seven days with the free printable you can grab below by signing up for our newsletter. (Already signed up? Look for our most recent newsletter to find the link.)

Sign-up to get the printable now.

I can’t wait to see how this short challenge helps me learn to unplug going forward — and I can’t wait to hear your feedback, too.

Let’s get unplugged!


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