Check in with Amy as she shares her last adventures in the outdoors before hitting the operating room!

[:27] An update

[1:00] An adventure with the Running Wives

[3:05] Amy’s last run for a while

[3:30] Outdoor Hero

[4:14] How to keep up with Amy during recovery

For many outdoor users, heading into the backcountry is about finding that awesome solitude that brings both peace of mind and peace of body. Hunter and videographer Chris Mann pairs that pursuit with hunting as part of High Range Hunting, which takes veterans, first responders and families of fallen military personnel out on hunts nationwide. 

Hear how Chris uses the outdoors for himself and what he’s learned through the act of solitude on this episode of the Humans Outside podcast.

[1:39] Chris Mann’s favorite outdoor space
[2:05] About Chris’s military service and what he’s doing now
[4:33] About High Range Hunting
[8:01] How Chris became a hunter
[12:07] Why hunting is therapy
[14:44] Why veterans like hunting
[19:50] Why Chris hesitated to hunt after his service
[23:10] The solace of hunting
[32:11] How to support veterans through hunting
[36:47] Chris’s favorite outdoor gear
[38:38] Chris’s most essential outdoor gear
[42:09] Chris’s favorite outdoor moment

Who even decided January is the perfect time for fresh starts? Here’s why September makes more sense, and the new habit you should start — or double down on — today.

[:26] The best time to begin
[2:27] Amy’s way to track your habits
[2:55] How to keep yourself accountable
[3:15] Amy’s upcoming surgery
[3:38] This week’s Outdoor Hero

In the beginning she was just trying to save her sanity, says Virginia Yurich, who goes by Ginny. With a passel of little kids she was feeling run ragged brought by all the commitments shuffling children here and there. When her friend invited her to simply spend some time outside, letting her kids explore and live a little, she was skeptical. But after seeing the benefits, her skepticism vanished — and she was hooked.

Now Ginny shares her experience through a vibrant community of parents and families with one goal in mind: getting their kids to spend at least 1,000 hours outside each year. That seems like a huge number, but Ginny says it’s both possible and completely lifechanging for the whole family.

Listen to this episode of the Humans Outside podcast to learn how Ginny makes it happen, and how you can integrate her lessons into your own life.

[1:41] Virginia Yurich’s favorite outdoor space
[3:21] Where her 1,000 hours outside project came from
[14:47] The learning misconception
[24:42] How nature enhances learning
[27:34] How to work towards 1,000 hours outside
[33:11] What they do in the winter
[46:00] How to get started
[43:50] Their favorite and most essential outdoor gear
[46:18] Her favorite outdoor space

Have you ever woken-up to find that things are way harder and more sad than you expected? That’s what happened to Amy this week when she got some bad news about a hip injury she started dealing with over the podcast break. Hear how she’s handling it in this episode of the weekly Outdoor Diary.

[:30] Amy keeps it real
[1:10] Amy’s injury
[2:30] Amy’s plan for outdoor time during recovery
[3:25] Sometimes you need to be sad
[4:10] Last minute camping trip
[4:27] This week’s Outdoor Hero