Do you love where you live? If you’ve been listening to Humans Outside you know Amy loves her small town, Palmer Alaska. But she hasn’t always lived there — or loved it.

In this episode Amy reflects on how spending time outside has helped her love where she lives, and why that matters.

[:30] Do you love where you live?

[1:37] Palmer, Alaska

[3:14] The Alaska State Fair

[5:17] Where to find Humans Outside

When trauma or difficult events seep into your life, it’s easy to get angry or sad — and hard to process them. Thanks to some advice from a past podcast guest, this week Amy hit the great outdoors to process some tough stuff going on, and use nature as a “container” for that work.

[:26] Some current events and emotions

[1:46] Using the outdoors as a safe place

[3:23] Brainstorming outside

[4:30] Changing seasons

[4:56] Where to find Humans Outside

When Amy headed outside to run again in January following a rehab time from her September surgery, she had one goal: get ready for the Resurrection Pass 100 ultra trail race. Crazy? Maybe.

The race was July 30, and while it didn’t go exactly as Amy hoped it would, she learned plenty about herself, nature and doing hard things along the way.

[:26] Amy’s slightly neurotic, yet productive, schedule

[1:25] Trying something new

[2:20] The race

[6:00] A different achievement

[6:49] The small wins

When a podcast guest for the upcoming Humans Outside Season 4 suggested a new outdoor tradition she has with her kids, Amy knew she had to do it. Now that it’s in the bag, she’s got one thought on how to make it better: focus.

[:27] A brilliant idea

[1:47] A new tradition

[2:30] Visiting Seward with David

[3:21] Camping with Huck

[4:00] Lessons for next time

We talk about all of the benefits of heading outside and the things you can learn there, but what can it teach you about your relationships?

In this episode Amy ponders the surprising lesson conquering tough things outside has given her about her marriage to her husband, Luke.

[:26] Letting your brain be bored

[1:12] The stories we tell ourselves

[2:47] Amy and Luke

[5:10] How to connect with Humans Outside

Have you ever stopped to think about the stories you tell yourself about who you are in the world — or about how they change how you approach time in nature?

Amy’s been thinking about how her perception of herself as “not that outdoorsy” has hindered her ability to enjoy nature as much as she could be. Hear about her journey to this point and why confronting these internal narratives matters.

[:30] A fact about Amy you might not believe

[:40] What’s been on her mind

[1:30] The story of who she used to be

[2:43] Luke’s attempts to get Amy outside (not good)

[3:15] What got us outside

[4:15] What happens when you like something too much

[5:22] Humans Outside’s original tagline

[5:32] Why Amy has trouble seeing herself as outdoorsy

[5:45] Why this matters

After marking her 1,400th day of spending at least 20 consecutive minutes outside, Amy is thinking about the gifts of nature and how it has brought her where she is today. When she hit 1,300 days outside she talked about what it’s taught her. In this episode she reflects on the gift of a nature-inspired life perspective.

[:25] What if?

[1:25] 1400 days outside

[2:38] On the cusp of something amazing

[6:12] Where to find Humans Outside

We talk a lot about getting outside to improve our lives, but what about using it to make our relationships better? Did you know heading outside is a great way to create so-called “sacred spaces” with people in your life?

In this episode Amy talks about heading into nature to create sacred spaces with her husband, Luke, over a grown-ups-only outdoor summer adventure.

[:55] Sacred spaces

[1:45] How the outdoors helps build sacred spaces

[3:00] How Amy and Luke create sacred spaces

[4:41] Working through challenges together

[5:51] Worth it

Summer and sunshine are great until you get so excited about them that you lose the focus on the peace heading into nature gives you. It’s so easy to just go, go and go some more.

In this Outdoor Diary Amy talks about the push and pull of making the most of summer and wanting to use it for the peace and restoration it gives her. She also talks about how you can get an outdoor inspiration summer printable.

[:30] Finding balance

[:57] Summer in Alaska

[2:00] Amy’s summer pitfall

[2:55] Prioritizing health over hype

[4:00] A freebie!