Sky Level: Humans Outside 365 Challenge



Are you ready to get outside every day for a year? This Sky-Level package is the most complete finisher kit we have. It includes:

  • Humans Outside neck gaiter. Consistently ranked as a top piece of gear for our podcast guests, this cozy 10×12 inch neck gaiter features the Humans Outside logo in white against the blue cloth. Perfect for keeping your neck or ears happy or for a face covering, you can even wrap it around your wrist to wipe away sweat or a drippy nose. Use it all through y0ur challenge.
  • A Humans Outside decal, ready to use now and perfect for your water bottle, phone case or car.
  • The Humans Outside 365 Challenge finisher medal. This 2.5×2.5 inch, 2 oz. custom Finisher Medal features a color design and ribbon, perfect for proudly displaying your accomplishment — but don’t open its sealed, specially labeled envelope until you’re done!
  • A 3×3-inch finisher decal, also tucked in the sealed package.
  • Exclusive Challenge Guide
  • Exclusive Humans Outside 365 Challenge Tracker.

Virtual items will be sent by email.  Medal, gaiter and decal ship weekly from Alaska.