BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review (Yes, You Want One)

BOB Dualie Stroller Review - Yes, you want one. Here's why:

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Part of getting outside for our family means fitness activities — and with two kids a double jogging stroller is a must. Our instrument of choice? The BOB Revolution SE Duallie, a BOB double jogging stroller. Here’s why.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Duallie Stroller Review

I am not a woman with lightweight children, so my top concerns when shopping for a double jogging stroller were weight and maneuverability. This 2014 BOB double jogging stroller has both.

At 34 lbs. it is among the lightest weight double joggers on the market (compare this to InStep, for example, at 37 lbs.) And taking into account how wide it is, it turns on a dime provided the front wheel is in “swivel” position.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review

You won’t catch me calling running with 85 lbs of children a “joy,” but if you have to do it the BOB Duallie SE is where it’s at.

Like anything there are both pros and cons. Here’s the rundown.

Pros for the BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

Like I mentioned above, weight and maneuverability are my biggest concerns, and the BOB delivers on those.

Swivel wheel. The front wheel is incredibly easy to lock and unlock using this little red switch.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review
The swivel wheel is controlled by this little red switch. Flip it and it becomes fixed. Flip it the other way and the swivel is back.

Shades. The shades on this stroller give some real quality coverage to your passengers. Compare these on the in-step, for example. Happy, shaded passengers = a happy running parent.

Shocks. The suspension system on the stroller is easy to adjust, if you remember to do it (more about that in a minute). Simply press the button and move them up. Doing so ensures that when your load is hefty (as my kids are) the shocks aren’t absorbing all the energy you are putting into pushing it. Less shock absorption means your energy is better translated into movement.

Color. While the stroller comes in a variety (navy, red, orange and black) I love the orange because I feel like it increases my visibility. You know what I really don’t want while I’m running behind my kids in a jogging stroller? To get hit by a car.

Easy to fold. After hitting the levers to fold it in half, you simply yank the red cord and bam! done.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review
Fold the BOB by giving the red handle a hard yank.

Wheels. Easy wheel pop-off and on. This thing is a mammoth in size, so the ability to remove the wheels on a whim makes getting it in your car a little easier and less unwieldy.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review
Flip the levers on these back two wheels and off they come.

Quality. Between 2012 when I purchased my first BOB Daulie SE and when I recently resold it (my 5-year-old headed off to kindergarten and I was liberated back to my single jogger) I put several hundred miles on it at least. You would never have known. Pushing it after two years felt the same as it did on day one — awesome.

Cons for the BOB Dualie Double Jogging Stroller

Price. At about $530 buying a BOB Duallie SE is a major investment. I think it hold its resale  value well if you take good care of it, but coughing up over $500 for a stroller still seems like a lot. Worth it? If you’re planning to run consistently, definitely. You can buy it over here at REI like we did. is also an affordable option (and that shipping!).

Restraint straps. The straps on this stroller are difficult to adjust. I have one very tall child and one younger, stalky child. I always feel like I’m squeezing them into the straps, mostly because I just can’t get them adjusted correctly.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review

Turn radius. BOB recommends that you lock the front wheel as a safety measure while running. However if I do that and I need to make any kind of turn, I have to pop the stroller onto the back two wheels. That doesn’t seem safe, does it? So I run with the front wheel unlocked.

Safety strap. It is also recommended that you run with the safety strap on your wrist. However, if you do that because of the strap’s location, you can never switch hands while you run. And guess what? Stroller running experts recommend that, to maintain proper running form, you swap pushing hands mid run. So … that’s a problem.

Shocks. Remember how I listed this in the pro section as well? Here’s the catch: adjusting the shocks is only a pro if you remember to do it and know that it resets to the out-of-the-box setting when you fold the stroller. That means you need to remember to adjust the shocks before heading out with your mammoth kids every single time you unfold it.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review
Adjust this nob to change the shocks.

Not for shopping. This stroller isn’t really meant for social activities. First of all, while it is narrow enough to get through a door, it’s not fun to take into a store. The opening to the basket under the stroller is also small — stuffing items into it can be a challenge.

BOB Duallie Double Jogging Stroller Review
These baskets only look large. In reality, stuffing shopping bags into them is not fun.

Ginormousness. I don’t know that you can really get away from that with a double stroller, but I’m putting it on the “con” list anyway. Folded down this thing is still huge. You need some serious trunk space if you plan to haul it around — and maybe experience with olympic style weight lifting to chuck it into your car.

Overall, despite the cons, I think that the BOB Duallie SE is a great investment and worth the cost if you plan to run with it.

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