Time for Some Big Dreaming #HOChristmas15

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When we made this outside Christmas plan we didn’t fully grasp the kind of dream work we would have ahead of us at this time. But boy do we have work to do. We have big plans to make, outside dreams to plot.

Six months from today our lives will look totally and dramatically different.

“You know what we should do? We should do something fun for Christmas. Outside. Together. Somewhere warm.”

That’s the kind of thing you say during an amazing July vacation while basking in the sun, feet dangling at the top of a bluff 100 feet above your kayaks and the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. It was a warm summer day, but we didn’t care. We had swum across the river and scaled the bluff to get to that sunny spot. The water had cooled us. The short climb was exhilarating.

Not-with-family-Christmas vacation seemed like a good idea. And why not? We love our family, sure, and Christmas is a nice time to spend with them fulfilling all those family holiday obligations. But what about doing what we want to do? What about the things that give us rest? Help us think?

 Moving, breathing, living … outside?

I’m still learning to be outside type person. If you’ve been reading this site long you know that it’s a work in progress. And I just haven’t gotten over the hump yet where I’m good with being outside and being cold. Maybe I just don’t have the right clothes. And really, I’m trying to get over it.

But for now – if we’re going to camp, I need it to be in the 40s-plus. I need it to be well above freezing. And if you live in the mid-South, those weather requirements leave only one winter camping option:


And so we are headed below the frost line for a week. Luke secured a super cheap resort deal, so we are home-basing from a hotel room for the first few days of our trip. We’ll cap the experience with two days camping at a state park near St. Petersburg, probably surrounded by older folks in campers, complete with annoying generators and satellite dishes (because God forbid you leave the TV at home).

And while we are there we are going to do that dreaming. We are going to make the plans that will set fire to life as we know it – and we are going to bring you along  for the ride. In the next several months we’ll be telling you more about our upcoming life-changing project. We’ll be asking big questions. We’ll be dreaming big things.

And we’ll be asking you to join us.

For now,  though, follow our Christmas adventure on Instagram at #HOChristmas15 or on our Facebook page.

And just you wait. It’s about to get real.

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