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Shopping for Luke is really tricky. If he wants something, he buys it. He doesn’t need me to make it happen. But sometimes you do just need to get your person something they wouldn’t actually buy for themselves. Bonus points if that thing is also practical.

Enter Cairn.

A new subscription box service, Cairn sends monthly boxes packed with awesome outdoor stuff — a great outdoor gift idea for anyone in your life (or, you know, yourself). The items aren’t gender specific, which is perfect because I have big plans to swipe the good ones from Luke to use for myself. (I’m just being honest.)

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When I first heard about Cairn I knew I had landed on a perfect outdoor gift idea for Luke for Valentines Day. I figured I’d order a few months worth of boxes, watch the delight on his face as he saw the goodness, and then pocket the coffee granola bar for myself. Zing. (Again: honesty.)

But I don’t like to keep good ideas like this to myself, so Cairn sent me a few boxes so I could tell you about my brilliant gift idea — and now we can all see the delight on Luke’s face as he opens his box for the first time.

He had no idea what was in there before he opened it. (I miiiiiight have opened it a few days before, rifled through it so I could plot what I was going to take later, and put it back together.) Did you see how happy that mug made him? Score.

You can cruise to Cairn here to order a box for someone else … or one for yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Cairn sent us two boxes to try and the links on this page are affiliates — but all of our opinions are our very own. 

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