Every Time My Kid Does This I Take a Picture

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My kid, Huck, does not have narcolepsy, but sometimes it seems that way.

When he’s tired, he sleeps … and it doesn’t matter where he is. The results? Hilarious.

Since he was a toddler I have been taking photos of him when he falls asleep during the day and posting them under the hashtag #HuckCollapse — and that’s really the only way to describe it. It’s a Huck Collapse.

It usually happens during his daily rest time, most often on the floor of his bedroom. Sometimes he brings his blankets down and makes himself comfortable before he drops out. Other times? Not so much.

Here’s a sampling of the hilarious #HuckCollapse photos. You can see all of them over here.

A photo posted by Amy Bushatz (@amybushatz) on



A photo posted by Amy Bushatz (@amybushatz) on


Now THAT is a #huckcollapse

A photo posted by Amy Bushatz (@amybushatz) on



A photo posted by Amy Bushatz (@amybushatz) on


Check out this Instagram feed for more #HuckCollapse goodness!


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  1. My middle daughter did this ALL the time. Once I found her asleep on the bathroom rug … with her pants around her knees. I did NOT take a picture of that, but maybe I should have. lol

    1. Jodi the only #HuckCollapse to not make the feed was the best one — sound asleep on the floor, cowboy hat on, buzz lightyear in hand … and no pants.

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