10 Things People Say When You Decide to Move to Alaska

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When you first tell someone you are moving to Alaska just for fun, you’re almost certain to hear a few of the exact same comments over and over again. That, at least, is what I have noticed since we started telling people that, yup, we’re moving to Alaska just because we can.

I can see that people at first are surprised and confused — and then enchanted.

Me too, you guys. Me too. I still can’t believe we’re doing this — although with just over a week before we leave, it’s really starting to hit home that, yes, I’m moving to Alaska. On purpose.

So I can’t judge anyone for saying these things. Most of these were my thoughts at one time, too. And while not everyone says all of these things, I’ve heard each of them enough for me to put them on this list. So in case you are secretly wondering these things …

10 Things People Say When You Decide to Move to Alaska

Alaska, huh? Have you ever been there? Nooooope. Never been there.

I hear people really like it there. Yeah, me too. I hear that a lot. I’m literally banking on that being true and that everyone saying that is not just a trick to get me to move to Alaska.

Are you going to see Sarah Palin? No current plans, but it might be unavoidable. We’ll be living in the same not-very-big town, and even the Palins have to eat.

Oh so you’ll be able to see Russia. This is a Palin joke. The correct response is “definitely.”

What are you going to do when it’s dark all the time? I dunno, drink more coffee? Turn the lights on? But in all seriousness, after I asked myself this very question I decided that I’m not worried about it. So, in short, I’m going to do nothing … except the coffee thing. But that’s just a normal day anyway.

You’re driving? Wait, I thought you couldn’t do that. Fact: Alaska is not an island. It’s just presented that way on annoying maps of the U.S. because it’s not actually attached to the U.S. directly. Yes, you can drive there through Canada. It takes a ridiculously long time.

Are you going to live off the grid? Oh child, no. I’m going to live 7.1 miles from a Target that is at least a third bigger than the Target in Clarksville, Tenn. Amy is moving on up, y’all.

How will you buy groceries? Probably not at the Target because it’s not that awesome, but definitely at a grocery store. I will not be hunting for my breakfast. Can you even imagine me doing that? Hilarious. Not all of Alaska is far away from a grocery store (although most of it really is).

So are going to stay there forever? I cannot commit to staying anywhere for forever. I can commit, however, to enjoying where I currently am to the fullest amount possible.

Are you really excited? Yes. Aren’t you?

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  1. The answer for what you are going to do when it is dark all the time is: watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky.

    If you don’t already, follow Carl Johnson, Alaskan Photographer, on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AKPhotog/) so that you can share his beautiful photos with people who just think winter is oh so boring.

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