When You’re Asked to Be On Your Favorite Podcast

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“If I ever get to be on the She Percolates podcast, I’ll be happy. It’s one of my life goals.” — Actual words spoken by me to a friend.

And then, a few weeks later, they asked me to be on She Percolates.

“!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!” — Actual words spoken by me to that same friend.

You might be wondering why, exactly, being on someone’s podcast was one of my life goals. I’ll tell you.

She Percolates, a podcast that features successful women and discusses what that word, “success,” means to them, was just getting off the ground when I was mulling over this whole Humans Outside idea. Not only was their website gorgeous, but I loved their whole concept.

When I started listening to the podcast I found myself inspired over and over again. These gals were talking every week to women who had something important to say, something inspirational. I had to make a rule for myself that I would not, under any circumstances, listen to She Percolates in the 40 minutes before I wanted to go to bed. Listening flat out gave me too many ideas, too much inspiration — and I couldn’t fall asleep with my brain spinning like that.

I wanted to believe myself to be one of the smart, savvy women that the gals of She Percolates wanted to talk to. I wanted to think of myself as “successful.” I felt that if She Percolates wanted to talk to little old me, then “success” must be at least on the horizon.

Since one of the gals behind She Percolates, Jen Hatzung, is a military-world social media friend of mine, I took a chance and told her that if they were ever hard up for guests, I would be more than honored to take a spot. I knew they would never be hard up for guests. How could two incredibly interesting people recording what I think is the best podcast out there ever be hard up for guests?

But, a few weeks later, to my great astonishment, she asked me anyway.

The episode went live in mid-May. On it I got to talk about this little Humans Outside project, about my family and about success and all that word means to me. Spoiler: my definition of “success” is not exactly average.

If you want to take a listen to my episode you can pop over to She Percolates.

By the way: am I successful? Is my life now complete? I’m not sure, but here’s what I do know: I’m working on it.

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