#North2Future Days 9 to 12: Give Me That Coffee

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It’s been a slow few days in #North2Future land. That’s because we’ve been spending a four-day break from the road hanging out near Boise, Idaho, visiting my family and enjoying soft beds at the Meridian, Idaho La Quinta.

This is our third and, I’m sad to say, last stay at a La Quinta on this trip. It’s sad because it means a whole lot of upcoming nights spent on a cot somewhere in Canada after our short stay with friends in Tacoma, Washington (which starts tomorrow).

La Quinta mattresses > camping cots. That’s math.

Our last several days have been filled with me putting in a ton of hours at my full time job from a desk in our suite here at the Meridian La Quinta or one of the tables in the hotel’s breakfast room.


I was also able to use the lobby yesterday as a great spot for catching up with my long lost best friend Shari. I’m sure our conversation gave the front desk lady no end of amusement.


One of the reasons we hit up La Quinta to be a sponsor of our hotel stays on this trip was not just because we knew they have a great military rewards program, easy pet policy and free morning grub (and coffee — did I mention coffee?). They also have a top-notch veteran hiring program. If we’re going to pick a hotel company to stay with, it’s going to be one that has our same goals of helping veterans move forward, just like we are moving our own family forward.


Taking three days off of our adventure to work hasn’t been the most fun thing ever, but it has been oddly centering — a small slice of normal in a big pie of crazy.

There’s nothing relaxing about moving to a new life with two kids and a dog, and there’s really almost no end in view for the uncertainty. Closing on the home we are buying in Palmer, Alaska may be delayed due to a sluggish appraisal, and even though we have no idea when we will receive the stuff the movers packed up more than two weeks ago.

Still, we are ready to be back on the road and moving forward. The adventure is about to get a lot more interesting starting Monday.

Why? Because Canada.

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