Yes, We Fell Off the Map — But Now We’re Back

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“Follow us as we move to Alaska,” we said. “Be a part of our big life adventure!”

And you did. And you were. And then we disappeared.

Just over a year ago we made the dramatic decision to sell most of our stuff, let some military-hired movers pack the rest, cram what we could in our station wagon and move far away to a place we had never been to start life over. It felt crazy. It was crazy.

And then we arrived and started to settle in.

It was a wonderful adventure — but hard in ways I can’t really put into words. The overwhelm that came from buying our first home, settling in, unpacking, learning our new town and the unique Alaska culture, making friends, helping our kids adjust, finding a church, adjusting ourselves, helping everyone except me (Amy) start new schools, all while working full time, was simply exhausting. Shortly after our arrival Luke’s brother who lived in Ohio suddenly and unexpectedly died. We were truly running on empty. I barely had anything left to give my family, much less the outside world.

From when we arrived in mid-June to late December we did precious little Alaska exploring, save a short hike here and there with our local Team Red, White & Blue chapter. 

You’re thinking “why not get out there and explore?” But the truth is that the six months almost to the day that it took for me to feel at home is a pretty normal span of time to settle into the growing pains of living somewhere new. We welcomed that landmark time without thinking through the passage of time. As if on cue, we were ready and took an Alaska winter road trip to Seward

It was the beginning of being ready to once again spread our wings.

And now, just over another six months after that rebirth, we’re back and ready to welcome you along for the ride again.

You’re probably wondering what we’ve done since we last spent any time with you, and we’ll be giving you some highlights soon.

In the meantime, thanks for coming back again. Ready to live like it’s all a great big adventure? Awesome — we are, too.

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