3 Father’s Day Gifts for the Outdoor-Minded Dad

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You’d think staying home more would’ve given us infinite time to think ahead for things like Father’s Day and every birthday or holiday from here through eternity. Nonetheless, the dates continue to sneak right up on us, leaving us scratching our heads on what to gift and with no options left other than a game-time decision.

If you’re in the same pickle, this outdoor gift list will be just the help you need.

And since we know Father’s Day is just as much about creating the perfect option for each gift-giver as it is for the recipient, we’ve divided this less by who is getting the gift and more by who is giving it. Are you an easy button type? Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? Gift giving around sending him on a solo adventure? Find your type below and give accordingly.

The Easy Button: Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box

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We reviewed the Cairn box several years ago just in time for Valentines Day. Packed with actually useful outdoor-focused item, we loved that this box offered both a fun by-mail monthly surprise and things that wouldn’t head straight to the donation bin. Cairn also offers a high end Obsidian upgrade box with high-value items, but you’ll pay a premium.

Subscriptions start at about $30 monthly, with Obsidian boxes costing about $250 quarterly.

Subscribe to Cairn.

For Family Outdoor Fun: Camp in Comfort

Luke using a Thermarest mat
Luke and Sam both enjoy the Thermarest


The dad in your house probably doesn’t want to admit it, but bro is getting older. We’ve seen it here, too. And while he wants to be Mr. Tough Guy and sleep right on God’s good green earth with nothing but that leaky old mat to make it friendlier, you and I both know that there would be a lot more of that good family outdoor time — not to mention a less cranky version of it — if he had a softer place to land those old bones.

Enter: a good sleeping pad. These aren’t air mattresses, so no one will look like a big camping wuss. They’re sleeping pads that provide a nice cushion between his back and the ground. Go big, and gift him nice sleeping pads for the whole family. Now everyone is happy.

Thermarest, a brand we’ve used for many years, offers pads for between $30 and $250, depending on just how comfortable or lightweight you want the pad to be.

Shop Thermarest to see more.

The Solo Option: Apple AirPods

I know what you’re thinking. This is not an outdoors gift, and it doesn’t have anything to do with going solo. But I disagree! Hear me out on this.

First of all, every dad needs a way to escape the family now and then. Would it be ideal for him if that involved being released into the wild for a man-adventure? Sure. But it would not necessarily be ideal for you.

Next best thing? A sound escape. Our AirPods synch perfectly to our phones. We use them for work and play. When we’re out camping and I need a break from the family, I can pop them in and ah — peace in our time. The AirPod Pro version has a noise canceling feature that’s awesome, but the cheaper version is great, as well.

AirPod prices range from $200 (regular) to $250 (pro).

Buy them on the Apple website.


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