5 Awesome Mothers Day Outdoor Gifts

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I know a little something about Mothers Day outdoor gifts. After all, I’m an outdoor-minded mom myself. Whether it’s for Mothers Day or beyond, these five gift options are sure to hit the spot. Bonus: they also hit a variety of price points. Whether you have a little to spend or a lot, any mom will appreciate the thought you put into this. 

1. Hydro Flask coffee thermos, water bottle or wine tumbler

Yes, I said “wine tumbler.”

Hydro Flask’s durable (and giant) water bottle is a favorite in my house. You’ll find mine coverage in stickers and decals, bragging about some of the cool places I’ve gone. And I take my Hydro Flask coffee thermos literally everywhere with me. It both comes with us camping and slides into the backpack I take when I fly for work trips. If your resident mom enjoys a glass of wine, you can’t go wrong with the wine tumbler, which is sure to make any evening fire time that much more enjoyable (and spill-free!). ($20-$45, depending on style.) This is a Mothers Day outdoor gift for the win.

Check out the Hydro Flask options here.

2. Aftershokz headphones 

Children and families are a delight. But sometimes you just want to listen to something other than your kids bickering. And yet, there’s this whole problem of being an adult and still needing to hear them so you can make sure they’re not actually killing each other. How can you possibly balance drowning out the noise and still be aware of your surroundings? Answer: Aftershokz headphones ($80-$160, depending on style). These suckers combine bone conduction technology so you can hear what’s coming through them while letting your ears stay uncovered so you can also hear what’s happening around you. Short of boarding school, this is as good as it gets (wait, did say that out loud?)

Snag a pair of Aftershockz here.

3. Escape on a Kindle

I am a huge fan of an actual book. But there’s something to be said for having the much lighter weight option of an e-reader for outdoor adventures. There are a lot of options out there, but the Kindle Paper White ($130) is my favorite. It pairs a lightweight e-reader with no-glare technology and as close to a book text feel as I’ve found. About $40 more than the cheaper black-and-white Kindle, it’s also water resistant (yay!) and can stream Audible. 

Check out the Kindle Paper White.

4. Running vest

If your favorite mom doesn’t like to run, you can skip this one. But if she does, I have no better recommendation than to her a favor and help her score the Salmon Advanced Skin running pack. A favorite around here, and featured as an Outdoor Hero in Episode 17 of the podcast, the Advanced Skin ($155)  has outperformed every other vest I’ve tried when it comes to storage and versatility. It has plenty of room for snacks, jackets and anything else you might want along your running adventure. 

Check out the Salomon Advanced Skin 12.

5. Goodr sunglasses

I seriously love these fun sunglasses. Polarized and in a wide variety of fun colors (with even better names, like “Gardening with a Kraken”), Goodrs carry a price point ($25) that fits almost any budget. Grab your favorite moms’ favorite color for a gift that’s both thoughtful and adventure-ready. This Mothers Day outdoor gift is sure to be a winner.

Check out Goodr here.

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