Contest: Help Us Name Our Camper Van

1997 Coachman Ford E250 5.4L V8

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If you missed the big news, we bought a conversion camper van to take our adventures to the next level. A 1997 Coachman Ford E250 5.4L V8 with front wheel drive, it’s not exactly a looker – but the price was right and it’s in great condition with low mileage, considering its age.

If you’ve ever had a camper van or known people with one, you might know that people often name their vans. Naming a van is silly for obvious reasons, but it’s also fun. The name can also inspire how you customize the van’s interior. It’s also fun to get a vanity plate with the name on it.

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Are we going to name our van? Heck yes we are.

But we need your help to name our van.

I am but one person, and I cannot possibly think of all the van names in the world. So I’m taking van name suggestions — and if I pick your suggestion, I’ll send you two free Humans Outside decals as a thank you. Keep one and give one to a friend, or keep both for yourself, I don’t care.

The rules of this are pretty simple: drop your name ideas in the comments here, to us on Instagram, to us on Facebook or to our email ([email protected]) and keep an eye out for our van name announcement on social media Oct. 5 or in our Outdoor Diary episode Oct. 6. If you’ve suggested the van name I like best, I’ll hit you up to let you know!

What kinds of names do we like? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • I love word play. I’m probably going to pick something that takes that into account.
  • I want to get whatever it is on a vanity plate.
  • The name should make sense with the van. This is not a beautiful van — let’s be honest.

3… 2.. 1.. Go! The first person to suggest the name is the person who gets the credit (and decals!).

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