We Think This Gear Makes Heading Outside the Best It Can Be

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This Gear Makes Heading Outside the Best It Can Be

When I first started my weekly Outdoor Diary episodes I wanted to take the chance to highlight some of the things I take outside with me that makes the experience the best it can be. You don’t need crazy amounts of stuff to get outside, but I’d be lying if I said warm boots, a great pair of sunglasses or a comfortable pair of pants didn’t make it more enjoyable.

By highlighting these items I hope that I can help you make your outdoor time just a little more comfortable by recommending these things. Here’s a list of the things we’ve talked about, and where you can find them. Instead of listing them by episode, I’ve organized them by category so you can easily find what you need.

You can hear all of the reasons we love this stuff in our weekly Outdoor Diary podcast episodes.

I promise we love all of these things, but the following post does contain some affiliate links.

Stuff just for nice days

Goodr sunglass. I love these sunglasses because of their fun colors, low price point and how well they fit. I might be obsessed.

Camping stuff

REI Kingdom 8. We have used this huge tent for several years. We love it because it’s huge, comfortable, you can stand it in and it fits way more stuff than you ever will need.

Thermarest camping pads. You know what’s super important when you’re sleeping on the ground? A pad to make it suck less. Thermarest is the best we’ve found.

Camping blanket poncho. OK I know it’s really extra, but I love this poncho blanket. It’s comfortable and amazing.

Jetboil.This super fast stove heats liquids in a flash, is small and packable and is a staple of all of our adventures.

Luci inflatable solar lantern. This super lightweight lantern charges via USB (we havent tried it solar charging) and is bright enough to use in the cabin during dark Alaska winter camping nights.

Cold weather gear

Bogs rain boots. These insulated rain boots are warm and super comfy. They are perfect for long walks in wet weather.

Mountain Hardwear insulated pants. Aka “THE PANTS” these insulated pants are the difference between too cold and instant warmth.

Black Diamond insulated pants. Aka “THE PANTS” … again. They are a little cheaper than the Mountain Hardwear version and just as warm and cozy.

Mountain hardwear jacketslightweight and heavy. Listen to my advice: whoever you are, wherever you are, just buy the warm jacket and be happy. OK?

Outdoor Research mittens. I have really cold hands, so a pair of warm mittens is key. I love these Outdoor Research ones because they are warm, comfortable and easy to take on and off.

Smartwool skirt. This cold weather skirt keeps your buns and legs toasty warm. I like the short length because I can wear it running.

Icebug winter boots. Nothing says

Just for fun

Cairn subscription box. I keep ordering this for my husband Luke as a gift. The gear is quality and it’s a fun way to give someone who has everything something else he may or may not need.

Patagonia Atom Sling Bag. I carry this bag as my daily handbag.

Hiking and running gear

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 vest. Carry all of the gear you need and then some in this fairly huge hydrations vest. It’s comfortable and fits everything.

Altra Escalante. This is my favorite running shoe because of its huge foot-shaped toe box.

Balega socks. These socks are like walking on clouds. I love them for running and just wearing around the house. They are my favorites by far.

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