1997 Ford Coachman Conversion Van: Remodel Phase 1 Videos

1997 Ford Coachman Conversion Van: Remodel Phase 1 Videos

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When we bought our Ford Econoline E250 Coachman conversion van in late September 2020 we knew it needed some work. With winter setting in at the time, we also knew that we needed to wait until the spring. And here we are! Spring 2021 — and time to get this party started.

Except… the weather decided to not cooperate. Because the van won’t fit in our garage, we had to wait for things to warm up a little bit before we could actually start painting. Also, ever worked in freezing temperatures in a van? Not that fun. We turned on the heater, but with the doors open it made everything, um, cold. So — waiting it was.

In March we made a go of it, starting initial stripping of the old stuff … and discovering some surprises along the way.

These videos document a lot of our step-by-step discoveries, but if you want a full read-out of how things are going as of today, mid-April, check out the 1997 Ford Coachman Conversion Camper Van Remodel: Assess, Repair and Strip blog post.

The plan initial plan and questions about that toilet

YouTube video

What’s behind that vinyl, exactly?

YouTube video

And some progress! Boards cut, windows out, toilet capped.

YouTube video

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