1997 Ford Coachman Conversion Van: We’re Done!

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OK, will the van project ever actually be totally done? Probably not. But it’s as done as it’s going to get for now! The 1997 Ford Coachman Econoline E250 conversion van project is a wrap.

I’m going to include two videos here so you can compare and contrast. First, here’s the video of the van right after bought it in September 2020.


YouTube video


And here’s the finished project!

YouTube video

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  1. We are looking at one of these so this is great! Would you be up for sharing the mileage and purchase price that you paid a few years ago

    1. Hi Rachael! We paid about $5,600 and it had 87,000. I think the seller, a really young guy, didn’t know it was it was really worth and was eager to sell it so he could move out of state.

      1. What a deal! The one we are looking at is listed at $28k and 150k miles. We see a lot of reviews like yours where they were purchased for so little, we don’t want to nickel and dime the seller but we certainly don’t want to get ripped off. That said, there isn’t a lot on the market to compare to and this seems like a SWEET layout (one kiddo for us but would like to have room for him to bring friends). Are you happy with it?

  2. This is awesome!! Is it safe for kids to ride in the van? I have a 7yo that I’d like to bring with me but it looks like the only options are front seat or side facing seats. Did you look into how safe that is?

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