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Flag on top of the Butte, Alaska

3 Practical Ways to Celebrate July 4th Outside

Parades, fireworks, beach trips and hotdogs — July 4th is the perfect day to celebrate America in all her glory by spending time in nature. …

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Here’s What I Learned Over 1,000 Days Outside

I was sitting next to a campfire in my backyard when I decided to do it. After a summer of spending at least a little …

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The Best Advice for Getting Outside COVID-19 Humans Outside

The Best Advice for Getting Outside During COVID-19

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that heading outside is a game-changer. That was true before a global pandemic was declared, and if anything, …

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Never stop seeking what moves you. 

The Best Female Triathlon in the U.S.

Why the Gold Nugget Triathlon Is Literally the Best

It’s not the most popular, the longest, the largest, the most extreme or the one with the best weather. But if you’re a female, it …

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This Is Me and My Macro-Counting Journey

This Is Me and My Macro Counting Journey

I feel very vulnerable sharing this. It’s easier to pretend like everything is easy, that every challenge is simple and that I have it all …

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When the Fitness Is Really About Community

When the Fitness Is Really About Community

It’s a cult. It’s dangerous. You’re going to get injured. You need more cardio. You drank the koolaide. Those are some criticisms about CrossFit as …

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The tips and tricks we’ve learned for fueling the fun.

A Totally Kick-Ass Whole30 Paleo Breakfast Feast

If you’re leading the Paleo life, on Whole30 or making a worthy attempt at either, you’re probably on the hunt for delicious, simple recipes. One …

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5 (Really) Easy Make Ahead Paleo Sides

If you’re anything like me or many other busy Americans — parents or not — your afternoons are action packed. If you work full time, …

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Paleo Whole Chicken? Here’s How to Make it Last 3 Days

I’m a penny pincher. Or, rather, I prefer to spend my money doing fun stuff, not on boring things like food. At the same time, …

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