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Humans Outside Season 2 Preview

Season 2 of the Humans Outside podcast is coming August 20 — and we are so excited for you to hear what we’ve been working on. From an outdoor therapist, to a time management expert to Amy’s “running wives,” this season is packed with fascinating conversations about and hacks for getting outside. Subscribe now so you don’t miss a thing.

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[:50] Humans Outside Season 2 preview
[1:48] What Amy has been doing since the end of Season 1
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How does spending time outside help you make best friends? What is the secret to having enough time to go outside every day? Why should outdoor time be a key part to you and your kids’ COVID-altered schedules? What can we learn about spending time outside from America’s indigenous culture? And if we know outside makes us feel better, how can we use it as actual therapy? 

I’m Amy Bushatz, host of the Humans Outside podcast. I’ve spent at least 20 consecutive minutes outside every single day since September 2017 and I’m coming to you hot from my perch in Alaska, where we bring you fascinating interviews with outdoor minded guests inspiring us all to get outside more. 

Humans Outside is BACK for Season 2, launching Aug. 20, 2020. And wow I have missed you guys. 

We’re kicking things off with the first-ever interview with my “Running Wives.” If you’ve heard any of my outdoor diary episodes in Season 1, you’ve heard me mention these gals. In this really fun season opener we dive deep into the secret sauce to making best friends — something I’ve struggled with all my life. 

And though it doesn’t seem possible, the season only gets better from there. Upcoming guests include time management guru Laura Vanderkam, author of some of my favorite books and host of the Before Breakfast podcast, outdoor therapist Judith Sadora,  1000 hours outside founder Ginny Yurich, High Range Hunting owner Chris Mann and indigenous Alaskan, mental health advocate and ultra runner who competes with a tracheotomy Carol Seppilu. 

And of course, we’ll still have my short weekly outdoor diary episodes to inspire us to keep getting outside despite all of the challenges. 

So what have I been up to since the last episode? I haven’t let Alaska – thanks COVID – but I have seen the world. We’ve been enjoying the Alaska wildflowers, running all the miles, hiking peaks and — just like week — traveling above the Arctic Circle on a 6 day camping adventure to see new-to-use parts of Alaska. We’ve been trying our hand at berry foraging, my boys went Halibut fishing and filled our freezer and I’m still loving –LOVING – my hot tub. Just wait until winter, guys. JUST WAIT. 

This season we also have a new option for how you can support the podcast. You can become a patron of The Humans Outside Podcast, supporting us with a monthly subscription that, depending on level, comes packed with awesome bonus features like exclusive episodes and insider access. Find out more on that’s  

We are SO excited for the new season of the podcast – and can’t wait for you to hear the first episode of season 2 August 20. Well catch you then! And until next time, I’ll see you out there. 

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