Low Pressure, High Fun: These Experts Know How to Maximize National Park Trips (Matt and Karen Smith, National Park travel experts)

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matt and karen smith podcast dear bob and sue

Planning a visit to one of the many national parks or federally protected lands? You’ll be in good company. Visiting these spaces is more popular than ever before.

So how do you make sure the company isn’t too good? How do you avoid the crowded spots, still get to have that bucket list trip and make the most of the journey?

Matt and Karen Smith are national park travel experts because they’ve been there, done that, and share their journey in their podcast “Dear Bob and Sue” and books of the same title. Their show is packed with practical, clear advice on visiting the parks, and in this episode of Humans Outside they bring that help here.

In this episode hear:

  • The biggest mistakes national park visitors make
  • The wonderful parks experience you might be missing
  • The best way to avoid big crowds

Listen now!

Some of the good stuff:

[3:01] Matt and Karen’s favorite outdoor spaces

[6:38] How they got into visiting national parks

[11:30] What is it about the national parks that we love so much?

[13:26] How the heck can you afford that?

[16:46] Biggest national parks mistakes they see

[21:31] Their favorite parks

[25:41] How to avoid seeing too many people

[32:33] Where you really should go

[34:23] Their best tips for making the most of any national park trips

[40:00] Matt and Karen’s favorite outdoor memory

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