I’ve Got a Challenge for You (No, Really)

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Humans Outside 365 Challenge

Are you ready for the Humans Outside 365 Challenge? Amy has exciting news about a new challenge kit to help you along the way. Ready to head outside? Listen to this episode to hear what you need to know.

Some of the good stuff:

[1:49] All about the Humans Outside 365 Challenge kits

[2:32] What’s in each of the kits

[3:51] The Ground Level kit

[4:13] The Mountain Level kit

[5:04] The Sky Level kit

[6:22] Pricing info

Connect with this episode:

Hey it’s Amy Bushatz with the Humans Outside podcast and this week I’ve got a special insider view for you on what I think is the perfect way to make yourself get outside each day for a year and build that outdoor habit or, better yet, help someone else make it happen. Can you say “holiday gift?”

Ready for the details? Let’s go.

Hey Humans. Would you believe the holiday season is upon us? I know – it both happened fast and someone also very slowly. This has been a long year.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen all the stories about supply chain issues and these warnings to get holiday items early. You’re also balancing that shopping or gift-giving with your desire to spend time outside instead. I want to be hiking, running, skiing, sitting in my hot tub or enjoy some outdoor fire time with my family. I do not want to be in stores with 11 zillion people or even sitting in front of my computer combing websites for the perfect thing at the perfect price. And I really don’t want to be hauling all the boxes that stuff comes in over to the recycling center. Can we just skip to the fun part of this already? You know, the part with the holiday cookies. I like that part.

That’s why Ive got a little gift idea for you over here — something I’ve put together over the last few months to motivate you or someone you know to get outside. It makes the perfect gift for you to you or from you to someone else.

And it is a Humans Outside 365 Challenge Kit created by me for you. For the last several months I have been toiling away and putting together three different kits to help you get outside and give you a motivation at the end.

What I’ve got here comes down to some basic information about human nature and habit-building — things we know help us create habits and keep them. And of course we know that building a habit like going outside every day is all about coming up with motivations and tools.

So the Humans Outside Challenge kits are those tools. They come in three different exciting tiers or levels that I’m going to tell you about.

Now all of the kits include three things:

The first is a digital, printable Humans Outside Challenge Guide that I personally spent hours writing and editing. It gives you the tools and knowledge based off of my hundreds and hundreds of hours doing this. It is packed with exactly what you need to help you get out there and build this habit.

The next is a digital, printable Humans Outside Challenge 365-tracker. This isn’t something I designed off the side of my desk. An honest to God graphic designer helped me put this together to give a way to easily keep track of your 365 days. Get creative and color it in or be boring like me, and just check it off. But just like the guide, this thing is only available to people who register for the challenge.

And then there’s my monthly Humans Outside Challenge info. This will be sent to you straight to your inbox every month, written by me just for and only for Challenge participants. It’s packed full of exclusive tips, tricks, insights and help from me, to you just to help you get outside every day.

So that’s what it’s in every single kit. But here’s what in the unique levels.

The first is the Ground Level. In this kit you’ll get those three things — the guide, the tracker and monthly help — plus an exclusive finisher decal available for Challenge users only sent straight to you from me here in Alaska I’ve got mine proudly hanging out on my water bottle right now. I’m going to put another one on the Vanimal.

Next, we’ve got the Mountain Level. This is the level we’ve got the most interest in and I have to say I can see why because you get so much more here than you do with the Ground level.

Not only do you get those Ground level exclusive items — the guide, the tracker, the monthly help from me to you and that cool finisher sticker — but you also get something I absolutely love: a finisher medal that you can hang proudly to remind yourself of your accomplishment. Im even mailing it in an envelope specially marked for you to open at the end of your challenge.

\I personally designed this finisher medal to look great hanging in my own space — it’s full color of the Humans Outside logo, says 365 days on top and includes a full color Humans Outside ribbon. I just love this thing and I’m so excited to have one of my own.

Finally, last but not least, we’ve got the Sky Level. This kit is extra special because it comes with two things the Mountain Level doesn’t — a really cool Humans Outside neck gaiter or buff and the Humans Outside decal sticker. So that means you get the challenge guide. The tracker. The medal. The cozy and functional gaiter. The finisher sticker AND the Humans Outside decal all in one kit.

I spent tons of time researching and putting this stuff together, pulling together the best items for these kits so I know you’re going to love them.

Ok so you’re probably wondering right now what the cost is. The best part of all of this is that I’ve got these kits marked down as part of our roll out. Now you can buy some of the parts of these kits individually. – the medal, for example, on its own is $35. The neck gaiter is $21. And you can see these in the Humans Outside store on our website.

But the best way to get this cool stuff and actually the only way to get the Challenge guide and tracker and exclusive challenge help from me, is to score one of these kits on HumansOutside.com/Challenge. And even better, we’ve been able to mark them down even farther as part of this special Challenge roll out.

So here are the prices. The Ground kit, normally priced at $21, right now is $19.

For the Mountain level – and that’s how you score the finisher medal — I have cut the price almost 15% from $45 down to $39. And the Sky Level, which is how you can get a Humans Outside decal and the neck gaiter as part of your kit, is marked down nearly 25% from its regular price of $69 to $52 making it our best deal as part of this roll out.

So of course I can’t keep these sale prices around forever because I’m a small business over here in Alaska-land. But my goal with all of this is to help people like you, like me find the motivation to get outside daily, see all of those benefits and change our lives in the process. So I really want to be able to make sure you are able to get one of these kits. Go to HumansOutside.com/challenge today to score one at this sale price before it is too late.

Now you know Im out here living the outdoor life, and if you don’t want to be part of this special challenge club and an insider with a Humans Outside kit, that’s totally cool too. You can still listen to the podcast totally free. You can still share your daily outdoor time and see mine on Facebook and Instagram. That’s totally fine, of course. But we know that one of the ways to motivate ourselves into establishing a new habit and getting outside daily is to have a little carrot there, a little thing to work for and a little help along the way.

And that’s what the finisher decal and medal is for. Motivation. And the other items — the guide, the tracker, the monthly help and, if you grab the sky level kit, the neck gaiter and Humans Outside decal — those things are there to give you a little push, too.

Check out HumansOutside.com/challenge and of course I can’t wait to see you all out there.

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