Outdoor Diary: Giveaways, a Winter Gear Guide and Our Birthday Party

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Join Amy as she reflects on the FIRST BIRTHDAY of the Humans Outside Podcast! It has been a wild ride and we are so thankful for you, our listeners! Make sure to listen to get the details on some birthday giveaways coming this month!

Some of the good stuff:

[:26] One whole year

[1:09] 2021 Winter Get-Out Guide

[1:48] Giveaways!

[6:02] Amy’s favorite winter gear

[8:10] Where to find Humans Outside

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Here’s an edited transcript of this installment of Amy’s Outdoor Diary. Listen to the episode on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

OK guys, a year ago, on Feb. 6 2020, I closed my eyes and hit “publish” — and the Humans Outside podcast was born. Yes, it’s both been a whole year and ONLY a year at the same time. When I hit publish I had no idea we were walking into a global pandemic and a year of insanity — or how important my outdoor habit would become to me or the people who have since joined me in this outdoor challenge.

So, in short, thank you – thank you one hundred, million times, thank you for listening, for sharing, for rating and reviewing — thank you for coming back again and again. I couldn’t do this without you.

This week I’ve got a little bit of a special episode for you, as we kick-off a full month of birthday celebrations with giveaways and the release this week of my 2021 Winter Get-Out Guide. It also happens to be just a few weeks before the next gifting holiday, you know the one we all love to hate — Valentine’s Day. So hopefully a few of these can be great gift ideas for you, too!

I wanted to put together a guide of some winter gear stuff that I just love, but might not be things you readily think about or devote a lot of thought to. And for this I’ve partnered with three companies to host some great giveaways. So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve got for you.

First, let’s talk about two of the things we’ve got for giveaways that ALSO make great gifts.

As part of our 2020 holiday guide, I told you about my favorite visibility vest by Noxgear. Now these folks have done it again with something else completely awesome and not at all related to visibility, unless being heard makes visible … which I guess it does, sort of.

Noxgear is now making the 39g wearable bluetooth speaker. This little dude is water resistant, clips right to whatever you’re wearing, is loud and even lets you take phone calls thanks to its mic. I’ve worn it for some cross country skiing, but I’m REALLY excited about taking it out to the hot tub for our movie nights and wearing it to run all the miles soon! I run in places where there aren’t any other people — and I hate wearing headphones to run, because I feel like that much sound is a safety issue. But a speaker? Heck yes.

So how can you score this for you or for someone who needs an outdoor-themed Valentine’s Day gift? If you’re listening to this before Feb. 5, there’s still time to enter our giveaway — check out the show notes on Humans Outside. Or, you can get 35% off the full price of $99.95 by going to Noxgear.com and using coupon code Humansoutside – all one word – at checkout. I really hope you guys check this sucker out, because it’s really cool.

Next up I’ve got the Cairn gear subscription box. Now, I know I included this in a previous gift guide, last year around Father’s Day, but we had a Cairn box experience this winter that made me want to include them again. When I put it on the Father’s Day list last year I actually took my own advice and bought a couple boxes for Luke. And included in them was the little Luci inflatable light that I included a few weeks ago as our weekly outdoor hero. It’s the perfect example of a piece of gear I didn’t even know I needed until it was filling a specific need. And that’s the kind of fantastic thing you can score through the Cairn box, and why it makes both a great gift and a perfect addition to your winter gear plan.

Boxes run about $30 each, and you can subscribe for one month, two months or really however many you want. When I bought Luke his box last time … and I am in no way saying that will be the only time, but he might be listening to this, so I’m not saying anything else about that … I went for a multi-month subscription. It was fun to watch him receive the boxes over time and enjoy the gear as it came!

If you want to buy a Cairn box or two, you can find them at getcairn.com, thats get-c-a-i-r-n.com. And even better, you can enter a giveaway on HumansOutside for a two-month subscription that you can give to someone else or, I think better yet, keep for yourself. I mean that’s what I would do. That giveaway starts Feb. 5 and runs through Feb. 11 and you can find the link to it in the show notes or on HumansOutside.com!

Now, I’ve got one more gear-guide giveaway for you before I move on to a few gear items that I really think you should know about even if we’re not giving them away. So, let me tell you about the awesome Klean Kanteen TK wide 32 oz water bottle. Now, first let’s talk about why this is on a winter guide. Did you know hydration is a major key to staying warm outside? I was surprised by this, too. But the more dehydrated you are, the harder it is to regulate your own body temperature.

Enter Klean Kanteen. These guys just redesigned the bottles into a sleeker look and the bottles keep liquid hot or cold for way more hours than you need it to be, because the whole point here is that you’re consuming what’s in there. But the cap is what gets me really excited here. They’ve designed a new twist straw cap that isn’t just spill proof, but also comes completely apart so that you can watch the cap in the top rack of the dishwasher. That’s awesome. Dirty caps are not good — I don’t even want to think about that.

These bottles retail for $39.95, but you can win one from us by entering our giveaway between Feb. 12 to 18. So check out the show notes for a link to that and a link to see more about the bottle on Klean Kanteen’s website.

OK, so next we have a few more things that I just really love and I think they’re so perfect for winter I want to talk about them again.

First, of course, is my first sunglass love, Goodr. Guys — I’m still so in love with these shades, their fun colors and the way they perfectly help with the whole burning ball of glorious fire in the sky shining in your eyes problem. You’ve seen me rocking about 1,000 different colors, but I also forget how important these are in the winter for helping with the flat and low light situations. Even when it’s not super bright out, I need them.

I also have on this gear guide my sock friend Darn Tough. I told you a few weeks ago about how important good socks are when you’re outside playing. Darn Tough’s wool socks do the trick for me. I love them.

And, last but not least, y’all know how I feel about snacks. I’ve talked about the RX Bar granola bars but the problem with those in the winter is that they freeze. Ever been outside trying to have a good adventure, whip out a snack and it’s frozen? It’s a bummer, I’ll tell you. But RX Bar also makes a packable nut butter that is delicious, comes in these little packets, hits the spot and you’re going to have to be somewhere much colder than where I go in Alaska to make these freeze. They are awesome.

And that’s it — that’s my winter get-out gear guide for 2021. You can see those giveaways and info about the products in the show notes or even a link to the guide itself. And i hope you enter the giveaways. Someone has to win, guys.

It’s been a pretty exciting week here at Humans Outside as we are celebrating that birthday and, oh yeah, hit 15,000 listens. That’s 15,000 times someone has heard this podcast — and that’s incredible and humbling. Thank you for the part each of you had in that. I spent my outdoor time in some seriously great winter sun, enjoying my hot tub and taking some purposeful walks to enjoy sunrise and sunset. I also joined Tiktok to share my outdoor time over there a little, and I’m still not sure how I feel about that, so be nice, ok? You can find me there @humansoutside

And as always, I of course want to see your outdoor time too. You can find a daily picture of mine at @humanoutside on Instagram and Facebook. And until next time, I’ll see you out there.

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