It’s no secret that spending time outside can help people process traumatic experiences. But about literally walking off a war? And what about doing it with your husband or wife?

Wella and Justin Jay, Army veterans who now call Alaska home, did exactly that in 2017 with the help of the organization Warrior Expeditions. In today’s episode the couple reflects on how journeying through the wilderness not only helped them work through the experiences of service overseas, but also brought them closer as a couple and back to “normal” society.

[1:22] Wella and Justin’s favorite outdoor space
[2:02] Why Justin decided to go on a long walk
[3:22] Why Wella decided to go with him
[5:05] About Warrior Expeditions
[8:15] How being outside helped them be with people
[9:40] Does spending time outside make you more social?<br>
[10:42] Why leave Alaska to go outside?
[12:06] What is it like to hike the Appalachian Trail?
[15:41] How Justin learned the hard way
[17:12] What were the right things to bring?<br>
[20:13] Is hiking as a couple risky for your relationship?
[21:30] Tips for keeping couple sanity on the trail
[26:00] Did shared experiences help their relationship?
[26:50] Why someone should hike the Appalachian Trail
[31:35] What’s next for Justin and Wella<br>
[32:40] Their most essential outdoor gear
[33:33] Most surprising moment in nature
[39:30] Most unexpected moment on the trail
[41:05] Best outdoor moment ever