Do you ever just need an attitude adjustment? Here’s how Amy worked through her bad attitude last week and how she finally found her solution in the outdoors!

[:50] Why Amy needed an attitude adjustment
[1:13] An outdoor challenge fail
[2:15] Attitude adjustment attempt two
[2:38] An outdoor attitude adjustment success on a mountain
[3:40] Outdoor hero: Luke

If you’ve listened to this podcast or followed me on Instagram, you’ve surely noticed that I love to run. It’s where I find my best therapy. But that’s not always been the case. I started running because of one person — Lisa Hallett — and the organization she cofounded, wear blue: run to remember. Lisa and I share the unbreakable bond of not just being Army wives whose husbands were in the same unit, but of trauma and loss experienced when that unit lost so many soldiers in combat, including her husband Capt. John Hallett.

In this episode Lisa shares the role spending time outside has had in her healing and helping her family move through that loss.

[1:29] Lisa’s favorite outdoor space
[2:00] About wear blue: run to remember
[3:10] How wear blue: run to remember was born
[9:40] Why wear blue: run to remember is important to Amy
[10:35] What wear blue: run to remember means to others
[14:35] Amy’s running with wear blue: run to remember
[14:52] Lisa’s outdoor story
[15:30] Why Lisa tackles hard challenges and what it has to do with grief
[18:15] Lisa’s favorite challenges
[23:15] What Lisa is doing with her kids
[26:10] Hiking the Grand Canyon with kids
[29:30] The secret to hiking with kids
[31:08] How to learn to do hard things
[32:45] Why being outside matters for helping children of the fallen
[34:20] Lisa’s most essential gear
[34:38] Lisa’s favorite outdoor gear
[32:40] Lisa’s favorite outdoor moment

Neighborhood walks, frozen lake walks, and cabin comedy of errors! Check out this outdoor diary to find out how Amy and her family got outside last week and how the outdoors are helping them stay sane during this time of upheaval.

[:40] Why going outside is most important
[1:05] Going outside with intentionality
[2:50] The comedy of errors the was the cabin rental
[3:13] The really big cabin fail
[4:07] Outdoor hero: coffee

After I started spending at least 20 consecutive minutes outside every day I started wondering how spending time outside helps my relationships. Does it make my marriage better? And if so, why?

I’m so excited to share this conversation with my good friend Corie Weather where we dive into just that. A marriage counselor and Army spouse, Corie is one of my most favorite people in the world.

[1:40] Corrie’s favorite outdoor space
[3:50] Why military families need specific help
[5:04] What is a “sacred space”
[11:26] Why sharing experiences matters
[16:00] Why going outside is a great way to build shared experiences
[17:10] Why outside is best for building those experiences
[20:25] Finding effort to build relationships
[23:28] Building relationships outside
[30:10] What if you’re not ready for doing more outside
[32:30] How Corie gets outside for her marriage
[36:00] Corie’s most essential outdoor gear
[36:18] Corie’s favorite outdoor gear
[36:34] Corie’s favorite outdoor moments

The current state of the world and “social distancing” can make you a little stir-crazy. The cure? Get outside! Last week, one of Amy’s favorite races was canceled due to you-know-what, so she headed on a glacier adventure with some friends.

[:28] Your next challenge in this time of insanity
[1:30] What Amy did to really get away
[2:47] Outdoor hero: Salomon Adv Skin 12 vest