The world is full of craziness right now. Fortunately for all of us, the outdoors is still there being the hero we all need.

[:20] Using the outside to avoid things
[1:25] The temperature changes in Alaska
[2:45] Advice for dealing with coronavirus
[3:42] Outdoor hero: the outside

Adrianne Haslet wasn’t at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2013 because she was a runner. Her decision to walk by, however, changed her life as the bombs went off, taking her leg in their wake.

Now, seven years later, she’s not only running Boston for a second time as an amputee, she also convinced race association officials to add an amputee category — and she’s aiming to win it.

Get ready to be inspired through this incredible conversation with Adrianne about healing in the outdoors through a sport she never even considered before the bombing. Adrianne isn’t just fighting back against what happened — she’s winning.

[1:35] Adrianne’s favorite outdoor space
[3:50] How Adrianne’s leg was taken from her
[4:25] Adrianne’s Boston bombing story
[7:20] Who Adrianne is now compared to before the bombing
[13:50] Adrianne’s big Boston goal
[17:30] Amy speaks on behalf of the world
[18:26] Adrianne’s love of good vibes and inspiration
[21:52] How Adrianne’s relationship with the outside changed
[24:40] How calm outdoor moments trigger PTSD
[28:00] How it feels to establish a new Boston division
[29:30] Adrianne’s travel story
[34:05] Amputee outdoor challenges
[37:12] The outdoor things you notice as an amputee
[38:45] How Adrianne keeps a positive outlook
[43:01] Adrianne’s favorite outdoor gear
[43:40] Adrianne’s most essential outdoor gear
[43:25] Adrianne’s favorite outdoor moment

Amy was traveling last week, but she still made time to get outside! Listen to this episode of her Outdoor Diary to find out the best tips for getting outside when you’re on a business trip!

Bonus: you’ll never believe who she met during her outside time right before she left Alaska!

[:54] The challenges of leaving Alaska
[1:50] How Amy gets outside during business travel
[2:38] The difference between outside in Alaska and elsewhere
[2:55] Outdoor hero: park employees

What does conservation and hunting have in common? According to this week’s guest, JJ Hinton, everything. JJ leads the Mule Deer Foundation, a Utah-based organization that advocates for the preservation of Mule Deer. An avid hunter, JJ loves the outdoors for the solitude and food it offers.

Listen to this week’s episode for an honest exchange of ideas and understanding as Amy, a non-hunter, learns from JJ’s perspective on what makes the outdoors special to him, and how we can all meet in the middle.

[1:37] J.J.’s favorite outdoor space
[3:25] What is the Mule Deer Foundation?
[4:40] Why Mule Deer need conservation support
[6:23] Mule Deer and hunting
[7:04] Why hunting and conservation are not at odds
[9:51] Why hunting is a passion for J.J.
[12:06] Why is there a cultural disconnect between hunters and some people who eat meat?
[16:51] Why causes the riff between hunters and other outdoor users?
[21:51] How to build a better understanding between communities
[29:00] How to learn about hunting without sounding stupid
[30:15] How talking about controversial things honestly helps everyone
[32:25] Why the outdoors is good for building bridges
[34:11] J.J.’s favorite outdoor gear
[35:08] J.J.’s most essential outdoor gear
[35:50] J.J.’s favorite outdoor moment

Nicole Spitzack’s journey to the outdoors hasn’t been all fun and adventure. While her passion for world travel really has led her to some incredible places, it’s been the journey to heal from the sudden death of her father and sister that has taught her to seek solace in the everyday moments.

In this incredibly raw interview, Nicole, a fitness model, nutrition coach, CrossFit trainer, mom and Army spouse talks about finding connection and health in the outdoors. Hear her tips for getting outside and staying on track!

[1:40] Nicole’s favorite outdoor space
[2:23] How Nicole got into fitness
[4:52] How many countries has Nicole visited?
[6:28] Does fueling well make you more active?
[6:57] Nicole’s favorite place to visit
[8:38] Why the mountains have her heart
[10:43] Tips for nutrition on an adventure
[15:43] Why nutrition matters for everything
[17:30] Are there any secrets to success?
[20:38] Why Nicole has been spending more time outside
[26:23] How CrossFitters feel about running
[32:50] Why Nicole is focused on women
[37:27] How to find Nicole
[38:20] Nicole’s favorite outdoor gear
[39:16] Nicole’s most essential outdoor gear
[39:54] Nicole’s favorite outdoor moment