This time of year can be absolutely crazy as the season shifts. Projects and tasks seem to overlap. And it can be easy to forget the power of heading outside to help you deal with the busy. In this episode Amy remembers just how useful getting in nature can be.

[:30] Busy season

[:58] Amy’s recent retreat

[1:57] Brainstorming outdoors

[3:51] Using nature to beat the overwhelm

[5:15] Keep up with Humans Outside

Before Amy really started to learn how to get outside and long before her 20-minute daily challenge, she discovered the National Parks cancelation stamps program and the club of people that enthusiastically participate.

As Humans Outside celebrates National Parks week we couldn’t think of anything better than talking to the people who spearhead that club and bringing podcast guests the join of the obsession … we mean hobby … straight from the people who know it best. Yvonne Manske, the club’s current president, in this episode shares everything you need to know about the cancelation stamp program, and maybe even a little bit more.

[2:59] Yvonne Manske’s favorite outdoor space

[3:39] How she first found the National Park cancelation stamps program

[6:48] What exactly are National Park cancelation stamps

[9:18] What’s up with the photo sticker sheets

[11:05] How many stamps are there?

[12:57] All about the National Park Travelers Club

[13:51] Why do people collect the stamps?

[14:20] Why stamps go missing

[19:56] The best place looking for a stamp has taken Yvonne

[22:33] The worst place looking for a stamp has taken Yvonne

[25:00] The most difficult to get stamps

[28:00] All about good stamping etiquette

[33:26] What exactly happens at a cancelation stamp convention

[35:06] What to do if you missed getting stamps

[37:55] Yvonne’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[39:33] Yvonne’s favorite outdoor moment

When was the last time you paused to remember why you head outside? In this Outdoor Diary, Amy talks a little about her book project and remembers her “why” behind starting her challenge in 2017 and still getting outside everyday now.

[:30] Considering your why

[:59] Writing a book

[1:27] Amy’s why

[2:33] How the Bushatz family got outside this week

[3:39] National Parks + Giveaway!

You’ve probably been to a few National Parks. You might have even spent some serious time there. But have you actually truly experienced the ones you’ve visited?

That’s the goal of Liz and Dan Pollock, two National Parks enthusiasts based in Ohio. In this episode they talk about what has inspired them to tackle this project, why intentionality matters and the intense way they are experiencing Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the park closest to their home.

[2:30] Dan and Liz Pollock’s favorite outdoor spaces

[3:10] How they became people who like to go outside

[4:33] Why they decided to visit all of the National Parks

[7:21] The difference between experiencing the parks and just visiting them

[10:20] Their favorite parks so far

[14:56] What’s special about Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP)

[16:25] Why they decided to hike all of the trails in CVNP in 22 days

[18:59] The logistics of all of those miles

[20:40] Why they are fundraising for Remedy Alpine

[23:10] What they’ve learned from all of that hiking

[29:00] Why intentionality is important to what they’re doing

[32:46] What COVID had to do with it

[35:39] Liz and Dan’s most essential and favorite outdoor gear

[39:01] Liz and Dan’s favorite outdoor moments

It’s remarkable how a single day of nice weather can impact attitudes — and Amy is no different. In this episode of the Humans Outside weekly Outdoor Diary, Amy considers the huge impact a swing towards warmer temperatures has had on her. She also updates us on the project to remodel the interior of their 1997 Ford Coachman conversion van.

[:30] The promise of spring

[1:36] Updates to the Vanimal

[4:00] National Parks Week Giveaways

[4:42] Where to find Humans Outside

When Linda Mohammad immigrated to the U.S. from Malaysia it was not with the plan of visiting all of the country’s National Parks. But that’s exactly what she did — at least until the system added another one in late 2020, knocking her away from her goal again, at least temporarily.

Now she’s sharing with us some awesome tips and tricks for National Park lovers of all stripes. In this episode Linda shares with us insider info on visiting and experiencing the National Parks and even tells us her most and least favorite parks so far.

[3:23] Linda Mohammad’s favorite outdoor space

[3:55] Why Linda decided to visit the National Parks

[8:06] What’s up with this new National Park

[9:31] Why visiting a park is more than just visiting

[12:56] Linda’s favorite park

[15:08] Linda’s (totally surprising) least favorite park

[21:26] Where she volunteers and why

[29:41] How to be good citizen-advocates for the National Parks
[33:17] The role of National Parks in helping us get outside

[34:24] The secret to making it to all of the parks

[37:35] Linda’s tips for visiting the parks

[40:00] Linda’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[42:06] Linda’s favorite outdoor moment

Sometimes everything in normal life just seems harder than it should be. But for that we have a change of perspective gifted by heading outside, looking around, doing something challenging and seeing something new.

In this Outdoor Diary episode, Amy talks about three experiences she recently had that helped her hunt for and find the good.

[:30] When nothing seems to be going your way

[1:15] Finding the good

[3:24] A visit to Matanuska Glacier

[4:08] Making our own fun

[4:20] National Park Week + Giveaways!

In 2017 when Amy picked 20 minutes as her minimum daily outdoor time, she based that decision on some research she read in passing that said 20 minutes is enough time to spend outside and see health benefits from doing so. But Amy isn’t a social scientist or a scientific researcher, so her choice of 20 minutes wasn’t overly scientific either. That and every other outdoor decision she’s made is just based on gut.

So was she right? Has her outdoor experiment been aimed at the right thing — or has she been wasting her life on the wrong timing and wrong activities? In this episode we bring in an actual outdoor experience researcher and scientist, Dr. Kathleen Wolf, to weigh-in on not just what the research says about what Amy is doing, but on how everyone can get the most out of their own time in nature.

[1:49] Dr. Kathleen Wolf’s favorite outdoor space

[4:16] Kathy’s journey to outdoor researcher

[6:58] What the research says about nature making you feel better

[9:24] What the research says about spending 20 minutes outside a day

[12:26] Is Amy too worried about dosage or doing something different every day?

[25:41] Does what you do outside matter?

[28:18] Is some of Amy’s outside time worthless?

[32:23] A Seatac airport secret – shhh don’t tell

[34:56] How people can get the most of their outdoor time

[39:07] Kathy’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[43:11] Kathy’s favorite outdoor moment

Winter seems to be just dragging on and on in Alaska, and to pull herself out of a late-winter funk, Amy spent a week reminding herself about the things she actually likes about Alaska by doing some of her favorite winter activities.

Listen to this week’s edition of Amy’s Outdoor Diary to find out what those winter things are and be inspired to make the most of whatever season you’re in.

[:30] 1000th Winter

[1:00] Amy’s attitude adjustment

[1:45] How Amy got outside this week

[4:38] All of the winter things

[4:58] Pausing over wallowing

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