Amy and her family are under quarantine and battling through COVID-19. But they’re still headed outside every day for at least 20 minutes, and know that doing the same is key to staying safe, sane and getting healthy.

Hear more on this week’s episode of the Humans Outside podcast.

[:35] Humans Outside is quarantined!

[:45] How everyone’s feeling

[1:20] Why getting outside is still important

[2:00] How the Bushatz family is getting outside

[3:08] What’s coming up on Humans Outside

Do you think of yourself as “outdoorsy?” Nature lovers and “outdoorsy” people aren’t just folks who scale mountains or go on long runs — despite what the outdoor industry and even this podcast might (accidentally) have you believe. Instead, outdoor users come from all perspectives, backgrounds, sizes, shapes and interests. Like plants? Enjoy listening to birds? Appreciate coffee on the porch? Make going outside a part of your life? You’re a nature-lover. It’s as simple as that.

But getting to the point where you see yourself that way is a journey — even for people who have mastered building their lives around making more time for what they enjoy. In this week’s episode digital nomad Esther Inman talks about the power of learning to see yourself as outdoorsy, how she built her life to give her more time for what she wants to do and how she helps other people do the same.

[3:01] Esther’s favorite outdoor space

[3:40] Esther’s outdoor story

[8:07] How she looks at herself in the outdoors

[14:02] Why Esther changed what she was doing as a job

[22:03] How it’s possible to live off being a Virtual Assistant (VA)

[24:49] Why Bali

[30:00] Why being a VA is not the same as being a remote employee

[33:00] Why being a VA is not the same as selling stuff from home

[38:00] Esther’s favorite outdoor gear

[42:08] Esther’s most essential outdoor gear

[44:55] Esther’s favorite outdoor moment

It’s still a weird time of year for weather, as the fall transitions into the winter. In Alaska, that means some rain, some snow and a lot of slushy yuck, Amy’s least favorite kind of weather. So how do you get outside when it’s less than ideal? And what do you wear? Listen to this Outdoor Diary to find out how Amy is handling that.

[:30] Amy’s definition of gross weather

[1:15] The importance of mindset

[2:19] What to wear outside when it’s disgusting

[2:40] What Amy wore outside this week

[3:20] This week’s Outdoor Hero

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Outdoor hero: Mountain Hardwear lined pants

Here at Humans Outside we practice getting outside every day for 20 minutes no matter the weather — and that means sometimes we go outside when it’s wet, cold or otherwise not that pleasant. Sometimes we go outside when the weather is bad.

But if you’ve never had an outdoor habit or spent a lot of time outside in the winter, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by what some folks think of as the basics, like what kind of jacket to wear or how to keep your hands and feet warm.

No matter where you live you’re likely to at some point face what you see as less than ideal weather. Cold is relative to your experience, whether you’re in Alaska or in Florida. So how do you know what to wear?

The good news is that learning how to dress for cold weather is basically the same wherever you are. What largely changes is how much you wear or the thickness or warmth of your choice.

Mollie Foster is an Alaska-based guide and outdoor author. Her guide company, Traverse Alaska, helps all sorts of people get outside, and her book, Hiking Alaska, tells others where to go.

In this highly practical episode of Humans Outside Mollie tells outdoor-lovers what to wear for going outside and how to dress for cold weather.

[2:26] Mollie Foster’s favorite outdoor space

[3:40] Mollie’s outdoor story

[7:03] Why outdoor attitude matters

[9:50] The most important advice for dressing for cold weather

[13:13] Why cold is relative

[16:22] How to know what is right for you outside

[23:32] The power of the wind layer and the vest

[27:32] Down vs. synthetic

[29:44] The glory of The Pants

[31:57] How to keep cold hands warm

[39:26] How to keep cold feet warm

[45:18] The glory of the face buff

[48:05] Keeping kids warm outside

[49:00] Mollie’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[51:22] Mollie’s favorite outdoor moment

It’s a big ball of stress out there, friends. At the time of this writing, that stress might be from the U.S. election. But the truth of the matter is that the world has been stressful for a while, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. And even if it does? There will be stressful moments.

And that’s why it’s so great that the outdoors is always there for us, just waiting to take some of the burden away. How you use it is up to you. Here’s Amy’s advice.

[:27] A stressful week

[1:12] How to use the outdoors for stress relief

[3:00] How Amy has been getting outside

[3:29] This week’s Outdoor Hero

As a certified forest therapist, Michelle Abbey knows the personal benefits of heading outside. She’s even shared them with us during Humans Outside Season One. But getting into nature isn’t just something she recommends for clients — it’s also a tool she and her husband Derek Abbey use for bettering their marriage.

In this episode of Humans Outside Michelle and Derek reveal not only why spending time has been an incredible marriage tool, but how others can leverage nature for both themselves and their relationships.

[1:49] Derek Abbey’s favorite outdoor space

[3:18] Derek and Michelle’s National Parks challenge

[4:13] A reminder about forest therapy

[5:56] Derek’s outdoor story

[7:57] Michelle’s outdoor story

[12:02] Outdoor appreciation vs. connection

[13:06] The value of getting outside your comfort zone

[16:05] Is three a crowd outside?

[19:02] How the outdoors has benefited their relationship

[28:01] An epic couples adventure

[33:04] How to get past hard stuff outside together

[41:00] How to compromise outside

[47:32] Creating ‘sacred spaces’ outside

[50:19] Derek’s favorite outdoor gear

[52:52] Derek’s favorite outdoor moment

Need a little motivation to get out there and follow your own plans and goals? It’s “mission accomplished” time for Amy’s modified, one-mile-per-day marathon, and has some thoughts on goal hitting and never, ever letting someone else tell you what your goals should look like.

Hear all about the importance of relative goals and following your own path, plus a few recommendations for some fantastic warm jackets on this week’s Humans Outside Outdoor Diary.

[:30] Amy’s latest goal

[1:08] Amy’s Marine Corps Marathon experiences

[1:40] Challenge is relative

[2:26] A different kind of finish

[4:00] This week’s Outdoor Hero

Toby Israel calls herself a “vagabondess.” Her book of the same title, part personal exploration, part practical guide for female travelers, gives readers are a window into what it’s like to wander the world happy and free.

In this episode of Humans Outside Toby gives us a window into that experience, and offers some practical tips for making full time travel happen for yourself that any one — man or woman — can use. Someday we will operate in a post-pandemic world. For now, prepare for that reality by hearing Toby’s great advice.

[1:15] Toby Israel’s favorite outdoor space

[4:33] About Toby’s book

[6:40] Why a female-specific travel focus matters

[11:33] How spending time outside has changed her travel experience

[17:14] Using travel to connect with intuition

[25:00] The practicalities of a travel-focused lifestyle

[31:00] How to be a vagabond

[35:40] How to afford a travel lifestyle

[42:45] How to know when it’s time to stop and stay put

[44:19] Toby’s favorite outdoor gear

[45:09] Toby’s most essential outdoor gear

[46:02] Toby’s favorite outdoor moment

Alaska Day is the perfect to contemplate what we love about living in Alaska. When it happens to correspond with the first snowfall of the year? Well, how could we not talk about Alaska Day — and even sing for you. 

Enjoy this episode of the Outdoor Diary and the only time you’ll probably ever hear Amy do this.

[:45] What is Alaska Day?

[1:05] How the Bushatz family wound up in Alaska

[2:47] Why Amy is still in Alaska

[3:22] This week’s Outdoor Hero

[4:21] Alaska’s official song