You know how much Amy loves her small town and all the festivals and outdoor events it hosts. Thanks to one of the annual summer festivals, she’s been thinking about the ways nature creates a sense of place, and why that matters to her.

[:45] The place understanding created by going outside

[:55] A reminder that I love where I live (as if you forgot)

[1:39] Why a sense of place matters

[1:55] Lessons from a morning in town

[2:28] What other people have to do with this

[2:53] The emotional connection to the changes of nature

[3:40] The appreciation that drives it

[4:10] The safety of pattern

[4:30] The recent festival that was a reminder of all this

If your summer is heating up, you might be tempted to hide out in your cool and comfortable house instead of going outside. But just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t head into nature and have a great time. You just need the tools and tips to make it happen.

And then there’s the kind of heat you’re dealing with. Hot and humid is one thing, but what about hot and dry? Since dealing with those different kinds of summer heat can utilize different tricks, we’ve split this subject into two episodes: one on hot and dry and one on hot and humid.

In this episode Cassidy Feltenberger, an outdoor enthusiast who loves to play in the desert, shares her best tips for getting outside safely and comfortably in the dry, baking heat.

[3:00] Cassidy Feltenberger’s favorite outdoor space

[4:09] How Cassidy became someone who likes to go outside

[6:15] How she learned to go outside in the heat

[7:45] How do you get used to it?

[13:07] What to wear in the heat

[16:15] But does anyone actually use the zip-off pant part?

[18:49] Making hot weather pants multi-season

[23:28] All about sunburns

[26:49] Hydrating and more

[31:33] All about the good snacks

[33:21] Keeping busy in the heat

[37:15] Secret sunscreen tip

[40:44] Cassidy’s favorite outdoor gear

[41:53] Cassidy’s favorite outdoor moment

What does it take to create summer moments so memorable, they feel like magic? That’s what Amy has been thinking about as they take on the warm, endless sunlight summer days in Alaska. She noticed that all of her best summer memories have two things in common. Learn what they are in this episode of the Humans Outside Outdoor Diary.

[:50] What makes for a great summer memory?

[1:08] Core memories are like this

[2:39] 2 things core summer memories have in common

[2:50] Here’s the first thing

[3:30] Here’s two examples

[5:00] Here’s the second thing

[6:17] Testing the theory

Going outside in hot weather can feel oppressive, suffocating and, well, not that fun. But with a little preparation and thought the hot seasons can be just as enjoyable as their cooler counterparts.

But how do you dress, eat, and play to make that happen? In this episode of Humans Outside, Joe Jacobs, cycling enthusiast and owner, owner of joins us from the hot humid state of Arkansas in the southern U.S. to share his best tips and tricks for getting outside and having a great time no matter how hot the weather gets.

[3:37] Joe Jacob’s favorite outdoor space

[4:32] How Joe became someone who likes to go outside

[6:26] What Joe does outside now

[7:42] Just how hot is it in Arkansas?

[9:28] How to get used to that heat

[12:04] Is heat harder than cold?

[13:45] How to dress for the heat

[15:44] Why cotton is all the evil

[18:04] Comfort is key

[21:01] Baggy vs fitted clothes

[23:22] Finding the breeze

[24:58] The power of a fan

[26:02] The power of cold towels

[28:51] The importance of snacks

[34:01] Did you forget a hat?

[34:56] OK but what should you do when it’s hot?

[40:44] You really will get used to it

[41:34] Joe’s favorite outdoor gear

[44:13] Joe’s favorite outdoor memory

When both schools is out and so is the sun, it can feel like a waste to spend the day inside. But soaring temperatures can make getting outside just seem so hard — especially if you’re trying to take children with you for more than just some fun in the backyard.

How do you get outside with kids in the heat, avoid the meltdowns — literally and figurative — and have an enjoyable and enriching time?

Adventure mom India Tate makes a lifestyle of getting out for adventures with her two little boys. And since she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, she knows what hot looks and feels like. In this episode she shares her best tips and tricks for making it through hot adventures with her family.

[2:44] How India Tate became someone who likes to go outside

[6:12] How she started getting her kids outside, too.

[8:35] Mini golf league?

[10:24] Keeping kids cool through what they wear

[14:57] Keeping it cheap

[16:40] All about shoes

[18:00] We are strongly pro-snack

[23:40] Tricky water and hydration

[27:27] Getting ready for that hot weather

[32:48] Tricks for hot summer day fun

[38:40] How to get ready for all kinds of heat

[44:19] Favorite outdoor gear

[46:57] India’s favorite outdoor moment