It’s the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean light can’t be found. In fact, the light is easier to find in times of darkness than any other time. In this Outdoor Diary Amy explores how that is literally and figuratively true for her.

[:31] The darkest time of the year

[1:22] A decision

[2:23] Getting outside (even when it’s dark)

[3:33] The Humans Outside Challenge kit

[4:40] Where to find Humans Outside

Nothing demonstrates the way Amy loves where she lives in Alaska the way the annual holiday festival in her small town does. Spending that full day outside amidst Hallmark Christmas movie-level merry making in some very, very cold weather has Amy contemplating what her outdoor habit has to do with learning to love where she lives.

[:28] Amy meets Palmer

[2:36] Finding community

[4:59] Learning to love where you live

[5:21] The gifts of going outside

[6:36] Humans Outside Challenge Kits

As if heading outside to begin with isn’t a big enough challenge, we are often faced with the decision of whether or not to face an even bigger challenge once we get out there. Listen to this installment of Amy’s outdoor diary to hear about what choosing the challenge can look like, and how Humans Outside can help you do just that.

[:27] A decision

[1:40] The more time I spend outside…

[2:45] What it looks like to pick the challenge

[3:21] A transferable skill

[4:19] Humans Outside Challenge Kits

How do you insert heading into nature into your holiday traditions? That’s the question Amy tackled as her family spent their second Thanksgiving in a row enjoying an off-the-grid option that took just enough extra effort to seem like a terrible idea. Hear how it turned out in this Outdoor Diary episode.

[:27] Opting outside

[1:30] A Bushatz Thanksgiving

[3:36] The extra effort is worth it

[4:42] Humans Outside Challenge kits

[5:25] Where to find Humans Outside

Are you ready for the Humans Outside 365 Challenge? Amy has exciting news about a new challenge kit to help you along the way. Ready to head outside? Listen to this episode to hear what you need to know.

[1:49] All about the Humans Outside 365 Challenge kits

[2:32] What’s in each of the kits

[3:51] The Ground Level kit

[4:13] The Mountain Level kit

[5:04] The Sky Level kit

[6:22] Pricing info

The weather may have taken an unusual turn in Alaska, but that isn’t stopping Amy from getting in her 20 minutes outside every single day. But just because she makes it happen doesn’t mean it’s easy (or that she always likes it).

Tune in to this week’s installment of Amy’s Outdoor Diary here on Humans Outside to find out just how cold it really is in Alaska right now, and to hear her top tips on how to make yourself get outside, even when the warmth indoors seems to be calling your name.

[:27] Why Amy’s podcasting closet seems extra cozy this week

[1:20] Get OK with it, or get off the bus

[2:12] Amy’s four tips for getting outside when it’s cold

[4:48] Where to find Humans Outside

If you’re trying to establish or maintain an outdoor habit around kids, big or little, you know the struggle is real. And it’s especially difficult when the weather starts to get cooler or more challenging. How do you motivate kids into getting out into nature when they (and likely you, too) think staying inside sounds warmer and easier? And how the heck do you dress everyone?

Sara McCarty – mom, attorney and outdoor lover – knows a thing or two about getting kids outside. She’s gotten so good at it that she created a website and a podcast on the subject, Run Wild My Child, so she can share her tips and tricks with all of us. And we’re really lucky that she joined us on Humans Outside to share those tips here, too.

Some of the good stuff:
[2:51] Sara McCarty’s favorite outdoor space

[4:03] How Sara became a person who likes to go outside

[7:26] Who are we really going outside for?

[8:44] How Run Wild My Child got started

[13:19] Advice for parents who are having a hard time getting outside

[18:15] Helping kids work through outdoor hesitancy

[32:14] Is there a secret to keeping track of kids’ gear?

[38:14] Kid gear advice for specific weather

[45:19] Most essential and favorite outdoor gear

[48:23] Sarah’s favorite outdoor moment

It can be difficult to hear what your body and soul need when life gets really hectic or the long days stack up. Building that outdoor habit and heading outside daily have helped Amy and her family listen to their own needs and know what to do about them. Hear what happened in this episode of the Humans Outside Outdoor Diary.

[:27] Can we stay out a little longer?

[2:30] Take it outside

[3:16] What we need from nature

[4:22] Where to find Humans Outside

You know how we feel about veterans using nature to heal from the wounds of war. After all, helping Luke deal with the hidden injuries from service was what sent us packing for Alaska to start with. Spending time outside, study after study demonstrates, helps brains heal from trauma.

Veterans Day is a day set aside for the U.S. to honor its living veterans. It also makes a great time to talk about veteran-specific issues, like heading into nature to find the assistance you need. In this episode of Humans Outside we talk with Lornett Vestal, who leads programming for the Sierra Club’s military outdoors effort.

[2:44] Lornett Vestal’s favorite outdoor space

[4:03] How Lornett became someone who likes to go outside

[11:05] What we decided to call members of the Space Force (sorry, guys)

[11:28] The problem with military transition

[15:54] Why going outside is great for veterans

[22:42] What he’s seen from veterans outside

[27:12] Why doing something as a group or unit is important

[31:46] Do we lean on medication too much?

[38:18] Do we overcomplicated heading outside?

[47:32] How to get involved with the Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors

[50:06] Lornett’s favorite outdoor gear

[51:36] Lornett’s favorite outdoor moment