When was the last time you jumped off a cliff? In this Outdoor Diary Amy talks about why she decided to jump off a cliff, her vacation to Maui and an extremely long trip home to Alaska.

Good stuff:
[:27] Amy’s vacation

[1:36] Travel woes

[3:10] The big leap

[5:00] This week’s giveaway!

[5:28] Where to find Humans Outside

Like it or not, sometimes life means relocating to a new place. Moving to an entirely new area far from friends or family can be unsettling no matter who you are. And no matter how great it is there, it’s definitely going to be different from the place you left behind, complete with things that are easy to enjoy and facets that are hard to get used to. In short, change is hard no matter what.

But what if heading outside could help you learn to love the place you live? Melody Warnick is an expert in place attachment, or what makes humans feel connected to specific locations, and she shares with us exactly why heading into nature connects you to the place you’re calling “home.”

[1:57] Melody Warnick’s favorite outdoor space

[3:21] What is “place attachment?”
[7:51] How she feels about her newish home now

[14:04] Act as if …

[18:29] How going outside helped her like where she lived

[23:51] Does it matter if you’re moving?

[32:27] Was the way the outdoors built a connection to people surprising?

[43:12] How you can increase place attachment by going outside

[48:37] Melody’s favorite and most essential gear

[51:17] Melody’s favorite outdoor moment

Ever have that moment where you make some sort of broad statement about not doing something, only to have to take it back later? Yeah, that happens to Amy a lot — especially when it comes to doing stuff outside. And here’s why she’s OK with taking it back and eating her words every single time.

[:26] Amy’s persistent habit

[1:00] That one time Amy went skiing

[4:40] How Amy uses this habit as inspiration

[5:36] Humans Outside’s first birthday giveaways!

[6:23] Next week’s Outdoor Diary

Sonja Weick likes to do hard things. That’s how she ended up competing in Eco Challenge: Fiji and being featured on the Amazon Prime show about what’s billed as the world’s toughest endurance race. But all is not always sunshine and big wins in Sonja land — something the reality program showed viewers worldwide. In this episode Sonja Weick talks about her journey into the outdoors, how it has impacted her mental health and how doing hard things outside – no matter what they are – can change you.

[2:32] Sonja Weick’s favorite outdoor space
[4:31] How Sonja became a person who likes to go outside
[7:33] Sonja tells us about Eco Challenge
[16:33] Why doing hard things outside is important to Sonja
[17:55] The differences between Eco Challenge and Ironman
[24:21] What outdoor users and athletes have to think about when they take on hard things
[28:00] Sonja talks about her panic attack during Eco
[35:26] How she got through it
[41:55] How outdoor life impacts her mental health
[43:55] Do endurance activities outside have a bigger impact on mental health than other types of activities?
[49:17] Sonja’s tips for using endurance sport outside for mental health
[53:25] Sonja’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear
[57:30] Sonja’s favorite outdoor moment

Join Amy as she reflects on the FIRST BIRTHDAY of the Humans Outside Podcast! It has been a wild ride and we are so thankful for you, our listeners! Make sure to listen to get the details on some birthday giveaways coming this month!

[:26] One whole year

[1:09] 2021 Winter Get-Out Guide

[1:48] Giveaways!

[6:02] Amy’s favorite winter gear

[8:10] Where to find Humans Outside

Carmen Rendell has learned a lot about life pivots — and she’s let spending time in nature both adventuring and just being show her the way. Now the owner of Soul Hub, Carmen is also a walking therapist, guiding her clients to growth. So what is walking therapy and how can you practice it for yourself? Carmen tells us how.

[2:13] Carmen Rendell’s favorite outdoor space

[3:58] How Carmen became someone who likes to go outside

[6:16] How Soul Hub came to be

[17:15] The plan for walking the British Isles

[24:35] The gift of having flexible goals

[25:30] What is “walking therapy?”

[25:40] But first, what is “wizard school?”

[29:00] Why nature is a great therapy space

[32:47] How movement is important in walking therapy

[35:09] Why don’t all therapists offer walking therapy?

[38:03] How anyone can do walking therapy

[47:10] Carmen’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[48:49] Carmen’s favorite outdoor moment

If you’re building an outdoor habit or have had one for awhile and you’re anything like Amy, you’re resistant to trying new things for a whole host of reasons. So how do you get over that hump? In this episode Amy talks about strategies for making yourself try new things outside.

[:26] Amy’s best skill

[2:38] How Amy makes herself get outside

[3:57] The importance of intentionality

[4:17] Outdoor Hero

[6:03] Where to find Humans Outside and upcoming giveaways

There is no stopping Max Romey — not when he’s painting, not when he’s filming, not when he’s running and not when he’s doing all three at the exact same time. Instead of tackling learning challenges in the classroom, Max finds his way in the world by sharing what he sees with others. What he does is better than brilliant and it’s better than art: it’s inspiration. In this episode Max shares with us his why, his world and insights into how you can find for yourself the same life fire he feels.

[2:11] Max Romey’s favorite outdoor space

[3:00] How Max became a person who heads outside

[5:45] How Max sees storytelling

[7:08] Max describes his art

[12:34] How Max found his place in the world

[19:17] How nature unlocks creativity

[27:02] How 2020 changed Max’s projects and what he’s working on now

[31:25] Proof Amy is very bad at Alaska state history

[38:40] How heading outside can help non-artists tap their creativity

[44:17] Max’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[47:41] Max’s favorite outdoor moment

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Favorite outdoor gear: A jacket with a great chest pocket (we like this one from Outdoor Research) and a travel size sketchpad and watercolor set.

Most essential outdoor gear: A great running vest or backpack (this Adv Skin 12 from Salomon is still our favorite).

It’s easy to fall into a rut of the same old, same old when you head outside every day. After all, it’s simpler to just do the things that are, well, simple instead of seeking big adventure or heading out somewhere farther from home.

So how do you avoid that rut? In this episode we talk about what you “should” do when you head outside every day and how to keep it interesting.

[:25] In a rut?

[1:00] Amy’s experience

[2:13] Balance and intentionality

[4:23] How Amy got outside this week

[4:50] The importance of a midlayer