By studying hundreds of time management logs and interviewing some of the most productive men and women in the country, Laura Vanderkam hasn’t just become one of the most sought-after time management experts in the U.S., she has learned what it takes to get the most of time, whether that means doing more for work or making more time to play.

Vanderkam also happens to be the time management expert who taught Amy everything she knows about productivity and getting the most of her time, one of Amy’s favorite subjects. She also has tried Amy’s 20 minutes a day outdoor time experiment.

What she’s learned about time management and getting the most out of the minutes we have can help you find more minutes in your schedule to spend in nature. Hear her best tips, tricks, and insights on this exciting episode of the Humans Outside podcast.

[1:55] Laura’s favorite outdoor space

[3:04] How she got into time management

[4:03] What she learned from spending time outside

[8:45] The biggest thing she’s personally learned about time

[11:09] The biggest time management mistakes

[21:13] What she tells people who say they don’t have time

[25:05] How to start managing your time

[34:04] Unpacking logistics vs. priorities

[36:44] How to find time to go outside

[40:01] Favorite outdoor gear

[40:24] Most essential outdoor gear

[42:34] Favorite outdoor moment

So what exactly has Amy been doing outside this summer? Probably not what you would guess. Listen to hear all of the exciting adventures she has had, and also how she has dealt with the disappointment of the summer not being what she expected.

[:40] Here’s what Amy has been up to over the season break

[:54] The theme over that time.

[1:51] About our arctic adventure

[2:30] How it feels to be crushed

[3:20] What I’m doing instead

[3:50] This week’s outdoor hero

You’ve heard them mentioned, you’ve seen their pictures — and now you get to hear them on the Humans Outside podcast: Amy’s “running wives,” Clare Shea and Rachel Gernat. In this podcast Season 2 premier, Amy, Clare and Rachel discuss outdoor-based friendship, what makes it special and how, exactly, you, too, can make outdoor-minded friends. What’s the secret sauce? How do you even find great friends?

[1:51] Rachel Gernat’s favorite outdoor space

[2:20] Clare Shea’s favorite outdoor space

[4:12] How Amy met her Running Wives

[4:34] How Rachel and Clare met

[6:12] What makes us such great friends

[9:19] Favorite memory of the wives together

[16:30] The importance of finding friends who push you

[18:15] What brought us to Alaska

[23:00] How to find outdoor friends

[34:16] How doing hard things outside helps you find friends

[47:22] Clare’s favorite outdoor gear

[48:30] Rachel’s favorite outdoor gear

[50:04] Clare’s favorite outdoor gear again

[51:00] Rachel’s favorite outdoor gear

[55:57] Amy’s favorite outdoor moment

[56:35] Rachel’s favorite outdoor moments

[57:59] Clare’s favorite outdoor moment

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Palmer, Alaska (the best little town ever, in our opinion)

Kate Arnold (Humans Outside Podcast episode 32)

Clare’s favorite outdoor gear: Sockwell compression socks 

Rachel’s favorite outdoor gear: Her Frosty Bottom marathon hat
Clare’s most essential outdoor gear: Buff
Rachel’s most essential outdoor gear: Montbell down pants (“The Pants.”)

Season 2 of the Humans Outside podcast is coming August 20 — and we are so excited for you to hear what we’ve been working on. From an outdoor therapist, to a time management expert to Amy’s “running wives,” this season is packed with fascinating conversations about and hacks for getting outside. Subscribe now so you don’t miss a thing.

[:01] Coming soon on Humans Outside Podcast
[:50] Humans Outside Season 2 preview
[1:48] What Amy has been doing since the end of Season 1
[2:20] How to support the podcast