So you want to start a new habit like going outside every day no matter what, but you always seem to get derailed somehow. What are you doing wrong? And how can you keep yourself on track?

Sarah Hays Coomer has written a new book about exactly that. Hear Sarah talk in our Season 3 premiere not only about the how of building a habit, but the power of figuring out what you need, where it fits in your life, how to keep it going and the power of nature in all of that.

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[2:22] Sarah Hays Coomer’s favorite outdoor space
[3:23] How Sarah first connected with the outdoors
[6:21] Why it’s important to go outside especially when you don’t want
[8:40] About Sarah’s book, The Habit Trip: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose
[9:28] How to create a habit
[13:15] How to know what you need
[18:45] How going outside impacts creating a habit
[22:35] What is a habit reward?
[26:14] The practice of creating a habit
[31:39] How does developing a habit help you create more?
[35:47] A few great tips for creating habits
[40:57] Sarah’s favorite and most essential outdoor great
[42:37] Sarah’s favorite outdoor momen

If you’re building or keeping an outdoor habit, you might’ve wondered what, exactly, counts as “outside” time? Are there any rules? Do you have to be in a specific place, see a specific thing, do a specific activity? Must be only daylight? Only a park? Do you have to be moving?

In this episode Amy talks through the guardrails she thinks you should – or shouldn’t – have, and talks about the ones she has for herself.

[:45] Why talking about “what counts” matters
[1:15] Gretchen Rubin likes rules, too.
[2:30] Amy likes the rules, OK?
[3:05] 3 things to remember
[3:30] The rules Amy has for herself
[4:15] What Amy doesn’t count
[5:05] What Amy did outside last week+
[5:45] Outdoor hero

Are you ready for Season 3 of Humans Outside? We are! Season 3 is all about those practical insights and how-tos for building and keeping that outdoor habit. Come with me as I talk to experts and enthusiasts learning about creating a life focused on the outdoors and how to make the most of the gifts it offers.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

[:20] Welcome to Season 3
[:30] About Humans Outside
[1:23] About Season 3
[2:30] Fun ways to connect with us

You’ve heard me talk about getting outside every single day, and you know I go for at least 20 consecutive minutes. But do you know why I picked 20 minutes? In this episode I go over the background of why I decided 20 minutes was the perfect amount of time for my daily outdoor habit.

[:40] What we’re doing on the Diary for the next few weeks

[1:00] Quick recap of last week

[1:21] Why 20 minutes a day

[2:10] Research about outdoor time at the time

[3:05] Research on outdoor time “dosage” now

[3:40] FYI you get cool stuff via

[4:29] Outdoor hero: Darn Tough

[4:50] Season 3 is coming!

It’s no surprise that we believe getting outside every day is the perfect habit for your new year. But do you know why? Over the next few weeks we’ll talk about the how, why, nuts and bolts of building our outdoor habit — and the tools you need to do it, too.

[1:50] Why now is a good time for an outdoor habit
[2:15] The Humans Outside origin story
[4:30] The day I decided to build an outdoor habit
[5:40] The day I decided to try for 20 minutes a day
[6:05] How to get the new free 30-day habit tracker printable
[6:30] This week’s outdoor hero

Are you ready to welcome back the light in the season of hard and dark? This week Amy and the family visited another state park cabin as they celebrated Winter Solstice — the darkest and shortest day of the year — and contemplated the challenges and gifts that the darkness can bring.

[:30] The feelings of winter

[1:00] The test of winter in Alaska

[1:30] Another weekend at a cabin

[2:20] The lack of motivation and SAD

[3:17] The celebration of Winter Solstice

[4:00] This week’s outdoor hero: the Luci inflatable solar lantern

How do you make holiday memories outside and power through the dark days of December and winter? In this week’s Outdoor Diary Amy talks about her favorite annual outdoor festival in her small Alaska town and marks her latest milestone, 1,200 days in a row going outside for at least 20 consecutive minutes

[:35] Big things in Amy’s outdoor fun

[:50] What’s up with Amy’s little town and why it matters

[2:25] What is “Colony Christmas”

[2:45] The “smooshing” race

[4:20] Why hitting 1,200 days in the winter is important

[5:05] More about The Pants (yes, again)

[5:55] Some housekeeping stuff you should hear

Sometimes you just need to make space for a big idea to come. Check out this installment of Amy’s outdoor diary to find out how she did just that. Plus, hear how she got outside this week!

[:26] How Amy gets good ideas

[1:48] Amy’s retreat

[2:22] What she accomplished

[3:52] What Amy did outside this week

[4:53] This week’s Outdoor Hero

If you’ve followed Humans Outside for ever a millisecond, you know how incredibly important we think coffee is. We might be a little obsessed. But there’s just something about a hot cup of coffee by the campfire, in a mug on a cold day, brewed at the top of a mountain, sipped over a walk on a beach, or happily enjoyed basically anywhere outside that’s just entirely perfect.

Luckily we’re not the only people who think that. Tim Gravel, co-owner of the Alaska-based Kaladi Brothers doesn’t just know good coffee, he knows good coffee outside. And in this episode he helps us dial into the best ways for brewing coffee outdoors.

[1:48] Tim Gravel’s favorite outdoor space

[3:51] Tim’s outdoor story

[4:57] Why outdoor challenges matter

[7:36] Exactly what Tim means by “challenging snow conditions”

[11:52] Why Alaska is so magical

[14:57] About Kaladi Brothers coffee

[19:36] Tim’s favorite coffee tricks

[27:25] Coffee in the backcountry

[28:42] What about instant coffee?

[35:00] Coffee when car camping

[42:05] Tim’s favorite outdoor gear

[43:07] Tim’s most essential outdoor gear

[44:10] Tim’s favorite outdoor moment