When you love a daily schedule as much as I do, it can feel very risky to just drop what you’re doing and chase a last-minute outdoor adventure. But sometimes that’s just what the weather, conditions or mood calls for. And whether I seize the day or walk by the opportunity is up to me

I want to be someone who lives in the moment, knowing that I really do have time for outdoor adventures when they come calling. But was it so hard to remember that I do? And what happens when I step outside my comfort zone and go for it?

Some of the good stuff:

[:35] It’s “drop everything” conditions time

[2:04] Here are a bunch of reasons why I can’t drop everything (actually they’re excuses)

[3:09] A little bit about Nordic ice skating

[5:00] And then I did drop everything and go … twice

[6:41] Here’s a few things I learned in the process

How can spending time outside change your perspective on self-care? And what if we’ve been thinking about self-care all wrong?

Scott Tatum is a self-care expert and new author who has carved a niche offering followers “friendly reminders” as he works on his own mental health. His new “Friendly Reminders” book offers an easy guide through the value of self-care, and in this episode he lays it all out for us, with a special emphasis on why it’s important and the best way to find it and just why nature offers a spectacular map for making it happen.

This episode will help you get inspired to give your own value the priority it deserves, so that you can be better for everyone around you.

Listen now!

[2:00] Scott Tatum’s favorite outdoor space

[3:41] How Scott became someone who likes to go outside

[9:04] What is self-care?

[11:42] How is self-are different from self-worth?

[15:40] The limiting views of self-care that keep people down

[23:11] Why going outside is spiritual and physical experience and why that matters for self-care

[29:33] Steps for finding self-care outside

[33:35] Scott’s favorite outdoor moment that is actually a whole human experience

What’s it like to build your life around seizing the outdoors wherever you are, as if you’re there on a clock?

That’s how travel therapists Hailey and TR Jamar aka the Tie Dye Travelers live their lives as they work short-term contracts at spots around the U.S. with the goal of spending every spare second exploring nature wherever they are.

So how do they make it happen? And how can the lessons they’ve learned from living like this help you make the most of wherever you are regardless of how long you plan to be there?

Hear their cool outdoor adventure stories and super useful advice in this fun episode of Humans Outside! Listen now.

[1:59] Hailey and TR Jamar’s favorite outdoor space
[3:28] How they became people who like to go outside
[6:51] The (important) meaning behind “Tie Dye Travelers”
[8:39] Has traveling PTs always been a thing?
[10:10] What working this way is like
[14:18] Ever been tempted to say somewhere?
[17:08] Ever feel like you’ve done it all?
[20:04] Is checking off this list stressful?
[21:03] What are some challenges to living this way?
[25:34] What’s the strategy for getting it all in?
[32:09] The secrets to making it all happen

With my unexpectedly dangerous and near-disaster Grand Canyon hike two weeks in the rearview, I’ve been surprised by how raw I still feel, especially when it comes to facing discomfort outside near my house.

Is it normal to feel like this after a big scare? And why is it happening?

If you missed the recap of my dangerous (and dramatic) Grand Canyon rim-to-rim adventure, you can hear it here — plus I have a very important but easy thing that I really need your help with.

Hear it all in this episode of Humans Outside. Listen now.

[:35] It’s been two weeks since the canyon and I’m still feeling like this

[:46] First a short recap of what happened

[2:26] A thing I really do need your help with, pretty please

[4:01] I’m still feeling raw and here’s why

[5:15] This is a human thing, and I’m good with that

[6:05] Here’s your permission to experience this human thing, too

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The modern world is designed to make us continually chase more, more, more — more stuff, more entertainment, more ease. But what if by realizing the triggers that feed into that more-ness you could not just break the cycle, but use it to make your life better, more fulfilling and have more time to do what you like, such as getting outside?

The pattern that feeds into the more-ness is the subject of Michael Easter’s new book “Scarcity Brain.” After joining us in 2021 to talk about his book “The Comfort Crises,” he’s back to help us learn how to break out of the scarcity loop and instead move into a pattern of abundance.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • All about “scarcity brain”
  • How to break the scarcity loop by heading outside
  • How to find an abundance loop instead

Listen now!

[3:46] Michael Easter’s favorite outdoor space

[5:12] How Michael became someone who likes to go outside

[7:16] What is scarcity brain?

[11:53] Examples of scarcity loop in real life

[18:35] Shame and the scarcity loop

[20:37] What does an abundance loop?

[22:48] How to break the scarcity loop

[25:34] Why outside is great for this

[28:01] Ways Michael chooses abundance

[30:31] How it felt getting this secret out

[32:35] The connection between scarcity brain and getting uncomfortable

[36:30] Michael’s favorite outdoor moment