The thing I like most about podcasting? It’s the connections (Outdoor Diary)

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The thing I like most about podcasting? It’s the connections (Outdoor Diary)

With four years of running this podcast behind me, I’ve been thinking about what I have learned from this journey and the many, many guests I’ve interviewed.

Inspiration. Thought-provoking lessons. A change in perspective. All of my interviews and outdoor hours have left a mark on me.

But this year, those are not my favorite takeaways. Instead? It’s all about connections like the ones I talk about in this episode of my Outdoor Diary.

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Some of the good stuff:

[:35] Four years = a lot of takeaways

[1:33] But my favorite thing right now? Connections

[1:35] And here’s a bunch of my favorite examples, near and far

[3:15] My other favorite connections? It’s you, of course.

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The following is an edited transcript of this episode of Humans Outside.

I’m not sure I knew what to expect when I started this podcast four years ago this month. As a news reporter, I was excited about the opportunity to chat with experts in the outdoor space. After all, one of the greatest perks of working as a journalist is the chance to follow your curiosity and talk to people you find interesting about the subjects that fascinate you.

And yup, hosting this podcast has definitely brought that. Over the last four years I’ve recorded 130 interviews and almost 200 outdoor diary episodes. That’s 130 different opportunities to learn something from some truly amazing people — researchers, adventurers and people doing extraordinary things in nature.

And while, yes, I’ve learned and been inspired to try new things while I’m outside, to expand my creativity and change the way I think about connecting with the world around me, those lessons are not, at least for right now, my favorite thing about doing this podcast.

My favorite thing? It’s the connections.

Because each time I record an interview, I meet someone new. And each time someone connects with me because of an episode, or hears my outdoor story, I make a new friend.

Some of these friends are in person, like Natalie with the Resource Doula podcast who just so happens to live in my small town in Alaska. Some of them are far away, like Sarah McCarty with Run Wild My Child who recently launched her own family outdoor challenge platform called Adventure Up and was kind enough to include me.

When I look back on the last year of my outdoor journey, I see more than ever the value of connecting with humans outside, the importance of hearing folks’ outdoor stories and letting them inspire me and move them forward. And that’s what I hope you find from this podcast, too — the power of connection and inspiration for the journey.

I like to use my podcast birthday each year to think about my favorite episodes over the year, and when I do that connection is a clear theme for those, too. There’s Laura Carney, who I interviewed in episode 354 in season 8 about her time working through her dad’s life bucket list. We’re now Facebook friends and I’m inspired by her journey and work daily.

In season 8 I also interviewed Brandi Small about building respect for outdoor users with bigger bodies. When I see her on her paddle board or hiking in my instagram feed, I can’t wait to get outdoors myself.

In episode 303 in season 7 I got to talk to Cory Maria Dack about her trip paddling the entire Mississippi river. I love being friends with her on Instagram as she continues to have crazy canoe adventures. And the same thing goes for Crystal Gail Welcome from episode 300 in season 7, who does amazing thru hikes while living with a rare brain disease.

It’s impossible to mention all of my favorite connections — the people I meet on the trails here in town who have seen the podcast or the listeners I’ve met on Instagram, or the people who have started the humans outside 365 challenge and are now a part of my daily social media circle, like Nikki and Heidi and so many others.

I’m so glad the Humans Outside podcast is a part of my life, and that through it and my daily challenge you’ve become a part of it too. Thank you.

You can see photos of how I’ve been spending my outdoor time recently on Humans Outside on Facebook and Instagram, and I want to see photos of you, too. Share them with #humansoutside365. Until next time, I’ll see you out there.

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