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When You Drive With Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size

When You Drive Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size

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Chloe is a 45 lbs. terrier mix. That, at least, is what her vet papers said when we brought her home from the Fort Campbell shelter in 2011. She was rather hairy, looked like the dog from Annie (“Sandy”) and immediately got a haircut.

Since then she become more and more a part of our family. We considered rehoming her rather than bringing her on our trip (stay tuned for a post about that later) in part because the traveling situation in the car we had to take is not ideal. In the end we decided to make it work.

We’ve always traveled with her in her crate in the back. But the crate doesn’t fit in the back of the volvo. That meant she’d be riding up front with us. We’ve worked hard over the past few weeks to teach her how to ride in the car.

But there’s no making the space between the two boys any bigger. We’ve got a 45 lbs dog in a 20 lbs dog space.

The first two days of our trip have been an exercise in Chloe figuring out how to make herself comfortable. What does that look like? Here’s a view:

Chloe in the car.
The first day was not overly comfortable.
When You Drive Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size
There were attempts to curl up.
When You Drive Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size
And a lot of time spent like this.

The second day was a little better. She said “screw it,” and used Dave as a pillow. And then sat ready for adventure.

When You Drive Your Dog in a Seat Half Her Size
Road dog.

The many adventure of Chloe: to be continued!

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