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There’s nothing about the Army — being in it or leaving it — that smells great. Absolutely nothing. And that usually includes the soldier. Except.

First I want to tell you a little bit about Luke. If you read our “about” page, you know he’s an Airborne Army Ranger and overall badass. He also did all the heavy lifting for this big move we’re doing. That’s literal heavy lifting like sorting through the garage and taking all that junk to the dump, and figurative heavy lifting like actually applying for and getting into grad school. (Also: you would not believe the work it takes to get out of the Army. The man must’ve gone to about 100 doctor’s appointments.)

It’s been intense.

Through it all there’s been some pretty extreme stress. But he’s been kind of, well, legendary about the way he’s handled it. I kid you not, folks, there has been at least one time I have laid on my bed and cried because all of this was stressing me out so much. You’ll be relieved to learn that he has not done that once.

Here are some of the other things he has not done:

– Told me I was acting like a crazy fool (although there has been at least once I could tell he was thinking that … but he gets points for not saying it).

– Decided to stay in the Army because it would just be easier (which it totally would be.)

– Said “screw it” and gave away everything we own instead of dealing with packing or selling it. (Also easier)

– Stress-bought a new truck. Or a motorcycle. Or all the camping gear ever. I’ve heard it happens. But it did not happen here.

Here’s what he has done instead:

– Acted like a total pro. And smelled good while doing.

Wait, what?

After Old Spice sent us a kit of their Hardest Working collection to try and write about earlier this year, Luke started rocking the stuff in the red bottles and I gotta say — things have been smelling pretty great around here. Instead of the run-of-the-mill, um, Army man smell (a sort of dirty socks plus 170-day old sweat combo — like a fine wine, if wine smells nasty), these days we’ve got that Old Spice goodness going on.

Untitled design (4)


And it smells legendary. The folks over at Old Spice have really kicked stank protection up a notch. The odor blocking and sweat defense deodorants do the job, while the Dirt Destroyer body wash, well, destroyed the dirt. And that new “Lasting Legends” scent they’ve released is a nice balance of citrus and cool, peppery spiciness. You can find some coupons for it here.

It’s hard to communicate a smell in a blog post, so I’m just going to ask you to use your imagination for a second while I show you some pictures to bring the point home.

Here’s some stuff that was in our house and does not smell legendary:

These are Luke's water shoes. They are disgusting.
These are Luke’s water shoes. They are disgusting.
Boots. No.
Boots. No.
Army. No.
Army. No.
Hat that rarely gets bath? NOT legendary.
Hat that rarely gets bath? NOT legendary.

And here’s something that does smell legendary, thanks to Old Spice:
Untitled design (5)


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice (P&G). The opinions and text are all mine.

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