The Humans Outside 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Humans Outside 2020 Gift Guide

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I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. On the one hand, I absolutely love getting people gifts. I love surprising them with the absolutely perfect thing. And I love the permission to do a little fun shopping. On the other hand, the holiday gift buying can also bring a little confusion. I’m not sure which is worse — not knowing what to get someone or not having a great answer when your spouse or loved one asks if there’s anything you’d especially love, and then risking getting the proverbial fruitcake.

That’s why this year we decided to put together the 2020 Humans Outside holiday gift guide. We’re only including items on this gift guide that we personally love and would gift or love to receive ourselves.

And because we know that it’s better to give than to receive, we’re also hosting seven fantastic giveaways between now and Nov. 25. And of course you can hear all about these holiday gifts on the special 2020 Humans Outside Holiday Gift Guide episode of the podcast.

So what’s on the gift guide? Here it goes!

Noxgear vest

Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest

We’re going to kick this gift guide off with our top gift recommendation this year: the Noxgear Tracer360 visibility vest. Because what says “happy holidays” better than being safe on the road? In all seriousness, if you do anything outside in low light or darkness, you know how important safety is and that not all visibility vests are created equal. We love the Noxgear Tracer vest because it’s lightweight, battery powered, fits well and is really, really visible. I know someone is wearing a Tracer vest because I can actually see them — and I know when I’m wearing mine I can be seen.

Noxgear is running some really fantastic sales on the Tracer360 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But if you miss those, you can score 35% off the full price of $69.95 by using the code HUMANSOUTSIDE at checkout (can’t be combined with other offers).

And even better, Noxgear partnered with us for this gift guide and gave us a vest to give away this week as part of our 7 Giveaways in 7 Days. You can jump in on that giveaway here between Nov. 20 and 24. 

Buy a Tracer vest | Enter the Humans Outside giveaway between Nov. 20 and 24.

Klean Kanteen

You know how important coffee is to us, but you might not know that we are also big fans of regular old water hydration. You will not find us anywhere without a reusable water bottle in tow.

Klean Kanteen makes a fantastic option for this. Two things are important to us: keeping whatever we have hot or cold (as the case may be) and no leaking. Klean’s insulated TKWide does the trick. And it looks pretty sweet with a Humans Outside sticker on it, too.

These are valued at $29.95, and Klean has given us one to give away. You can enter that giveaway here between Nov. 19 and 21.

Buy a Klean Kanteen TKWide bottle | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 19 and 21.


Trekking poles on Gold Star Peak

Trekking Poles

Sometimes known as trekking poles, sometimes called hiking poles, these look like ski poles but are used when you’re walking or hiking up or down hill — and they are fantastic little leg savers. Gone are the days that we thought people who use poles are wusses. We are now total converts.

Using trekking poles when you run or hike up and down hill is like having an extra set of legs attached to your arms. They are major quad savers allowing you to utilize your entire body instead of just your legs. Why haven’t we been using them forever? The kind you choose to buy will depend on how you plan to use them. Some varieties collapse down really, really small and are very lightweight — great for running and stowing — while others are sturdier and collapse down less or not at all. Handles also vary, with some having cork — great if you’re using in cold temperatures.

How much you spend is going to depend on weight, collapsing features, materials and more. The most important thing about buying a pair is to know what height you need. Follow the advice from the manufacturer and make sure the pair you choose matches the person who will be using them.

Buy trekking poles from REI.


Balega socks

Balega Socks

Giving socks as a gift might sound like a joke, but when they’re as awesome as the ones made by Balega, there’s nothing silly about it. These are the only socks I own that I dont somehow but holes in almost immediately. In addition to holding up on all of my adventures, they are so soft and cushy wearing them is like walking on clouds. Do your friends and family a favor and gift them a few pairs of these bad boys, which run between $10 and $15 each, depending on style. I especially love the Hidden Comfort and Enduro Quarter styles.

Want to try some out? Balega is giving away three pairs of socks to one lucky Humans Outside reader in day three of our 7 Giveaways in 7 Days. That giveaway is open Nov. 21 to 23.

Buy some Balega socks | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 21 and 23.

Combat Flip Flops Humans Outside

Combat Flip Flops

Looking for a way to make a difference and score some insanely awesome flip flops? Combat Flip Flops is your ticket. Founded by a couple of veterans looking for a way to bring economic development to war-torn regions, a portion of each sale goes back to fund education for girls in Afghanistan. The Floperator flip flop comes in men’s and women’s sizes, runs just under $40 and looks mighty fine wrapped as a gift or in your own closet. Bonus — Combat Flip Flops is giving away a pair through one of our giveaways. That giveaway runs from Nov. 22 to 24.

Buy Combat Flip Flops | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 22 and 24.




We’ve told you how much we like wearing a vest as one of our additional layers for staying warm. After all, if your core is warm, things are good. But what if you had a vest that was designed for functionality and keeping you comfortable? Enter SCOTTeVEST’s 101 Vest.

Designed specifically for travel, these vests have a secret: pockets. With nine pockets you can carry everything you need literally on you. You can get 15% off with code VEST15.

You can also win one of these as part of day 5 of our 7 Giveaways in 7 Days. Valued at $109, winning one of these is a huge score, and you can enter between Nov. 23 and 25.

Buy a SCOTTeVEST | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 23 and 25.


Goodr sunglasses while skiing


If you’ve been following Humans Outside for awhile there’s no way you’ve been able to ignore our obsession with Goodr sunglasses. Polarized, reflective and just a ball of fun, these shades come in a parade of colors we can’t resist. At about $25 a pop, they are just affordable enough to find their way into our closet, bag and car in more colors than we care to admit. From solid colors to patterns and themes like Wonder Woman, we can’t resist having many pairs on standby. Better yet? They make fantastic gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

And because we love them so very much, we’re giving away a pair. But unlike our other giveaways where you simply enter by making sure you like Humans Outside, subscribe to our newsletter or share with a friend on Facebook, this one is going to require a little extra work. Listen to Episode 73 of the Humans Outside Podcast (out Nov. 24) for the code to enter this fun giveaway for a super cool pair of these bad boys. The giveaway runs Nov. 24 to 26.

Buy Goodrs | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 24 and 26.


wear blue: run to remember on Gold Star Peak

Wear Blue: Run to Remember

What if you can have fantastic gear and support a worthwhile cause? Wear blue: run to remember was founded to honor the service and sacrifice of America’s military and the families they leave behind through a moving, living memorial. Wear blue’s running gear is comfortable, stylish and proudly proclaims your support for this worthwhile organization. Humans Outside is proud to support wear blue.

Buy wear blue: run to remember gear

Humans Outside SwagHumans Outside Swag

Call us biased, but we just love the swag we’ve made for Humans Outside. From tshirts, to sweatshirts, hats and beanies, this gear is cozy and fun. There’s no better way to tell someone you’re dedicated to spending time outside daily than with some of our logo-gear. We’re especially fond of this crazy-cozy hoodie.

As our final giveaway for 7 Giveaways in 7 Days, we’re giving away two Humans Outside decals and one of our keychains that are so new, they aren’t even in the Humans Outside online store. The giveaway runs Nov. 25 to 29.

Buy Humans Outside swag | Enter the giveaway between Nov. 25 and 29.

A few small gifts or stocking stuffers

Honey Stinger or UnTapped packs

If you think food doesn’t belong on your holiday list, think again. Both of these brands offer excellent adventure fuel in the form of gel packs or some really tasty waffles. UnTapped’s signature product is straight Maple Syrup, while Honey Stinger offers a variety of flavored honey products. We’d be lying if we said these didn’t make it under our tree every year.

Buy Honey Stinger products | Buy UnTapped products

Liner gloves

Liner gloves are any glove that you wear close to your skin and underneath another glove or mitten for an extra layer of warmth. If you live somewhere warmer, these aren’t necessary — and you might be surprised to find that the gloves used in Alaska as liner gloves are what you wear on the coldest days! You can find gloves that are great as liners everywhere from the dollar bin at Target, to your favorite running store, to a glove that’s designed just for that purpose.

Amy’s favorite liner gloves are a lightweight Brooks Dash running glove.

A Buff

While Buff is the brand name, a buff comes in a variety of different brands and styles. The basic concept, however, is the same: a long tube of fabric that can be used in as many ways as you can imagine. The Buff is the workhorse of the outdoor gear. Here are just a few of the uses: neck gaiter; ear warmer; hat; hairbandl; handkerchief; face shield; and hood. We never leave home without at least two buffs — one on our body and one as a back-up. Buffs come in tons of different colors, thicknesses and fabrics and make fantastic gifts. They often run between $15 and $30.

Shop for a Buff on REI.

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    1. When I say those socks are like clouds? THEY ARE LIKE CLOUDS. Im wearing a pair right now, actually. But definitely enter the giveaway in a few days because MAYBE you can just win them instead of buying them 😉

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