Humans Outside Season 1: Recap

Season 1 Recap Humans Outside

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How do you build a life around going outside daily — and what happens when you do?

Since the first full episode debuted in February, 2020 Humans Outside has introduced listeners to experts and outdoor enthusiasts sharing their love for nature and insights on what happens when you head outside.

Who did we introduce you over Season 1 of Humans Outside? Here’s a recap.

How His ‘Enthusiastic Outlook’ Ended in a Long, Long Hike (Wella and Justin Jay)

It’s no secret that spending time outside can help people process traumatic experiences. But about literally walking off a war? And what about doing it with your husband or wife?

Wella and Justin Jay, Army veterans who now call Alaska home, did exactly that in 2017 with the help of the organization Warrior Expeditions. In today’s episode the couple reflects on how journeying through the wilderness not only helped them work through the experiences of service overseas, but also brought them closer as a couple and back to “normal” society.

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Cancer Couldn’t Keep This Gold Medalist Indoors (Kikkan Randall)

One moment she was riding high off taking gold in nordic skiing at the olympics, a first for the U.S., and the next she was receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

But Kikkan Randall doesn’t take life’s challenges lying down. Not only did she fight cancer, she did so while staying active, proving that spending time outside and moving your body isn’t just possible no matter what, it’s necessary.

Kikkan joined us on The Humans Outside Podcast to talk nature therapy, kid raising, fighting cancer, body image and even a sneak peak on what’s next for her.

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Nature, Homelessness & Healing (Elizabeth Carr)

Spending time outdoors can help us heal, but what if we could use it to help others heal, too?

Elizabeth Carr has used the outdoors to help her heal from her own trauma. She also works with Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to help the homeless, well, get back on their feet. Elizabeth tells us all about her personal journey to running and how it clears her head.

We also hear about her claim to fame: she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records…but not for running.

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Exploring Alaska and Passing It On (Erin Kirkland)

Erin Kirkland’s work as an Alaska travel wizard is centered not on outsides, but on Alaskans themselves. But she doesn’t stop there. She’s got an extra focus on the state’s future stewards: kids. As the founder and author of AK On the Go, she’s also worked on guide books focused on traveling the state with kids.

In this episode Erin weighs in on how playing outside makes us better as people and families, plus advice on traveling the state for residents and visitors.

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Overthinking, World Travel & No Shortcuts (Nicole Spitzack)

Nicole Spitzack’s journey to the outdoors hasn’t been all fun and adventure. While her passion for world travel really has led her to some incredible places, it’s been the journey to heal from the sudden death of her father and sister that has taught her to seek solace in the everyday moments.

In this incredibly raw interview, Nicole, a fitness model, nutrition coach, CrossFit trainer, mom and Army spouse talks about finding connection and health in the outdoors. Hear her tips for getting outside and staying on track!

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What Do Hunters and Conservationists Have In Common? (JJ Hinton)

What does conservation and hunting have in common? According to this week’s guest, JJ Hinton, everything. JJ leads the Mule Deer Foundation, a Utah-based organization that advocates for the preservation of Mule Deer. An avid hunter, JJ loves the outdoors for the solitude and food it offers.

Listen to this week’s episode for an honest exchange of ideas and understanding as Amy, a non-hunter, learns from JJ’s perspective on what makes the outdoors special to him, and how we can all meet in the middle.

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How This Amputee Is Going from Victim to Victory (Adrianne Haslet)

Adrianne Haslet wasn’t at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2013 because she was a runner. Her decision to walk by, however, changed her life as the bombs went off, taking her leg in their


Now, seven years later, she’s not only running Boston for a second time as an amputee, she also convinced race association officials to add an amputee category — and she’s aiming to win it.

Get ready to be inspired through this incredible conversation with Adrianne about healing in the outdoors through a sport she never even considered before the bombing. Adrianne isn’t just fighting back against what happened — she’s winning.

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How Nature Can Help Your Marriage (Corie Weathers)

After I started spending at least 20 consecutive minutes outside every day I started wondering how spending time outside helps my relationships. Does it make my marriage better? And if so, why?

I’m so excited to share this conversation with my good friend Corie Weather where we dive into just that. A marriage counselor and Army spouse, Corie is one of my most favorite people in the world.

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The Powerful Connection of Nature, Movement & Grief (Lisa Hallett)

If you’ve listened to this podcast or followed me on Instagram, you’ve surely noticed that I love to run. It’s where I find my best therapy. But that’s not always been the case. I started running because of one person — Lisa Hallett — and the organization she cofounded, wear blue: run to remember. Lisa and I share the unbreakable bond of not just being Army wives whose husbands were in the same unit, but of trauma and loss experienced when that unit lost so many soldiers in combat, including her husband Capt. John Hallett.

In this episode Lisa shares the role spending time outside has had in her healing and helping her family move through that loss.

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On Loving the Outdoors & Writing About It (Charles Wholforth)

Have you ever loved a place enough to spend your life writing about it and the people who live there? That’s Charles Wohlforth’s relationship with Alaska and the outdoors.

His trademark, he said, was learning about the outdoors and the outdoor sports and people he was covering as he covered them. He also wrote extensively about global warming. And although he now lives in outside Alaska, his passion for the arctic remains.

Join us for this fascinating interview!

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Don’t Melt Your Shoes at Home, Kids (Brian Beckstead)

Sometimes you follow your gut for problem solving. And sometimes you follow your … feet?

That, at least, is what Brian Beckstead did when he co-founded the running shoe company Altra. Looking to solve both his own running shoe problems and the problems of clients hitting up a store where he sold running shoes, he worked with a partner to design a shoe that did what they needed.

What can designing a running shoe teach about building a business? And how does staying in touch with the outdoors make a difference? Brian shares his secrets as well as a few tips about shoe design (hint: it involves a toaster oven) in this fascinating episode.

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Heading Outdoors to Conquer Challenges Indoors (Nailah Blades Wylie)

What if going outside isn’t just your inspiration, but also the inspiration you share with others?

When Nailah Baldes Wylie looked at her life as a marketer and communicator, she knew she wasn’t happy in her job, and that one thing did make her happy and inspired — spending time outside.

And so she founded Color Outside, a coaching and community building company that takes women of color outside to explore and build both themselves and their business goals.

What is it about doing hard things outside that translates so well to business? This inspirational interview with Nailah Blades Wylie is sure to leave you ready to conquer your own challenges both in and out of the office.

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Be Right Back, I’m Forest Bathing (Michelle Abbey)

When we say “forest bathing” we definitely don’t mean taking a scrub surrounded by trees. First formally started in Japan, shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing” is a nature therapy focused on mindfulness. And certified forest therapists, like today’s guest Michelle Abbey, help students get there.

OK, but why do you need a forest therapist to help you go outside? And what does studying forest therapy teach you about your own relationship with nature? Michelle gives us the inside scoop.

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How Does Conservation Work With City Dwelling? (Joni Carswell)

In the U.S., creating space for conservation and outdoor use is directly tied to public lands. But what do you do when most land is privately held? And how do you encourage conservation and nature appreciation in major cities like Dallas? For Joni Carswell and Texan By Nature, an organization founded by former First Lady Laura Bush, the answer comes down to everyone – businesses, nonprofits and citizens – working together to focus on what we share around the outdoors.

Catch Joni’s beliefs around conservation, her love of Texas, tips for encouraging conservation in your own backyard, plus the inside scoop on why, exactly, it always looks a little bit like the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s lawn is getting out of hand.

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Surviving Addiction & Living Bolding (Kate Arnold)

When neither addiction nor a suicide attempt ended her life, Kate Arnold found the strength to not just change everything, but to live boldly, fiercely and as an outdoor-focused inspiration to every single person she meets.

Now she’s a runner, athlete and fitness coach in Palmer, Alaska, soaking in creation and living each moment boldly and loudly because she can. In a world of Instagram fame, “influencers,” and self-promotion, it can be hard to find the folks who are out there just humbly doing incredible things while no one is watching.

Kate is that person and she has a deeply felt reason for doing it. In this week’s podcast she shares what drives her and her no-big-deal (except that it is) view on what it’s like to be a total outdoor badass like Kate, where she draws her strength and how she’s taking others out to explore Alaska, too.

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How Spending Time Outside Makes You a Better Leader (Mike Erwin)

When was the last time you were fired-up? We mean really fired-up?

Fired-up-ness is status quo living for Mike Erwin, founder and Executive Director of veteran service organization Team Red, White & Blue, which connects veterans with their communities. Mike is laser-focused building leaders and living a life focused on positivity, and he’s doing it through fitness, community service — and heading outside.

Catch Mike in this episode drilling down into how he’s seen heading into nature develop strong leaders, plus tips on keeping that leadership fire burning when the going gets tough.

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What You Learn When You Paddle the Entire Amazon River (Darcy Gaetcher)

What inspires a person to conquer big things outside or try for the seemingly impossible? Those are questions this week’s guest Darcy Gaechter had plenty of time to ponder as she became the first woman to ever paddle the Amazon River from source to sea. A journey now detailed in her new memoir, Darcy takes a break from her kayaking adventure business, Small World Adventures, to join us on the podcast to talk about that adventure and what she learned along the way.

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How Type 1 Diabetes Inspired Him to Move (Craig Vaream)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last few months, it’s that life doesn’t always go the way you planned. Sometimes the world shifts in a way you didn’t anticipate, and you have to make a decision: are you going to let it derail you, or will you ultimately adapt and overcome?

This week’s guest Craig Vaream faced that decision when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. One second he was healthy, athletic and living life to its fullest — and the next he was learning to live with and manage a complicated disease.

Rather than let it sideline him, he chose a different path — and used it to fuel his fire. In this episode Craig, now an inspirational speaker and author of the new book No Limits: Adventures and Lessons from Living with Diabetes, shares how spending time in the outdoors helped him do so, and how people can do the same.

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How To Make the Most of Nature Where You Are (Rebecca Sanderlin)

What if you spent your adult life living in vastly different parts of the U.S. because your job made you? How would you make sure you were making the most of it? Would adapting be hard? Would you never want to explore again? Would it be easy to take advantage of every space — or would you be just over it?

This week’s guest Rebekah Sanderlin is living that life and has some great advice for anyone who wants to make sure they are taking advantage of wherever they find themselves, no matter how long they’ve lived there or plan to stay.

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Why You Should Meet Them at the Campground (Stephanie Puglisi)

Stephanie Puglisi and her family want to make traveling a part of their lifestyle, but with twin infants, the idea of tent camping seemed kind of crazy and staying in hotels was just super stressful.

Enter: RVing. Stephanie and her husband Jeremy changed their entire lives by investing in an RV and making traveling, camping and spending time in nature just a part of who they are as individuals and as a family.

If you’ve ever thought about taking up camping but just hate the idea of sleeping on the ground or in a tent, this one is for you. Listen to this episode for great tips on purchasing an RV and shaping your professional life to support your personal goals.

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How Growing Things Heals War Wounds (Peter Scott)

There’s something about working with the earth, about hearing the birds sing and about producing in the sun. It’s more than just the physical labor, says this week’s guest Peter Scott, it’s about creating and being a part of something bigger.

Peter Scott can’t talk about a lot of what he did and saw while in the military. But he can talk about the farm he now uses to help veterans like himself heal from the wounds of war and to grow food for local military and veteran families. Listen to this compelling episode now!

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