Outdoor Diary: Glacier Escape

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The current state of the world and “social distancing” can make you a little stir-crazy. The cure? Get outside! Last week, one of Amy’s favorite races was canceled due to you-know-what, so she headed on a glacier adventure with some friends.

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[:28] Your next challenge in this time of insanity
[1:30] What Amy did to really get away
[2:47] Outdoor hero: Salomon Adv Skin 12 vest

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We have your next challenge for you.

Go outside more. 

Okay, we always want you to go outside more. But one of the ways we’re dealing with the current situation is by being more intentional with our outdoor time. Wandering around the woods for a walk is simply not good enough. I know that this whole thing is a bummer, guys. Here in Alaska, my schedule isn’t any less crazy than it’s ever been. I still work from home. I’m still in grad school. I’m still running. I’m still spending time outside. In fact, my life is even more crazy with our current situation because now my kids are home full time. 

You know what’s good for kids? Time outside. 

You know, it’s good for you? Time outside. 

If ever there’s been a time to step away from social media and the computer for some fresh air, boy, is it now. My work has been crazier than ever because of the current situation. You notice how I’m not saying the words? Yes, that’s on purpose. My full time job is as a news editor and reporter so you can only imagine how crazy it is. 

By the end of the week, I knew that I had to get away. I mean, really get away from it and forget about it for a while. My friends and I had planned to do my favorite mountain race of the year Saturday, but it was cancelled, of course. Instead, we decided to get together in a small group with no one else around, just the five of us with plenty of space in between, and do an epic run. 

My phone stayed in the car and we ran out nine and a half miles to the Knik Glacier. This is a run we can only do in the winter because it goes over rivers and lakes. In short, it has to be done when everything is frozen. 

I packed my jackets, snacks, water, extra buffs, and my Salomon hydration pack, put on my Salomon Spikecross shoes and off we went. 

It was nine miles with miles and miles of soft snow, like running in mashed potatoes. We got out to the glacier and it was so gorgeous and so epic, like being in a totally different world. Was that even real life? We jumped and snacked and climbed and gazed. We put on extra jackets to stay warm and then eventually headed back to the cars another nine and a half miles through more mashed potato snow, or single hard track. 

Let me just say if you want to know how strong all those support muscles and your legs are, run 19 miles and soft snow, I am sore. 

This week’s outdoor hero is that Salomon vest I mentioned earlier, it might make a repeat appearance later, but that sucker is huge. It held multiple jackets and all the things I could possibly want. It’s Salomon’s Advanced Skin Pack and it is so great. 

This isn’t the end of our epic adventures by any stretch, now or later. If you want to keep up with them, follow us on Instagram at Humans Outside and tag your own daily outdoor time at #humansoutside365. It’s now more important than ever to get out there and to know that you have a tribe of other folks doing the same. That’s us. We’ll see you out there.

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