Outdoor Diary: The Danger of Early Planning and a Giveaway Code

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Ever made plans for the winter in the summer? All sounds like a good idea when it’s sunny outside. So here we are in November, and it’s time to enjoy the plans we made six months ago.

Some of the good stuff:

[:40] What you could win!

[:58] Second-guessing plans

[1:48] Bushatz Thanksgiving adventure

[2:58] How you can win a pair of Goodr sunglasses!

[3:40] How to keep up with Humans Outside

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You know that thing where you make plans for November on a gorgeous sunny day in May and they sound really good at the moment, but then November arrives and it’s really cold?

Yeah. That thing.

But first really fast – you might be listening to this today in hopes of hearing the entrance code for our Goodr sunglasses giveaway. And why wouldn’t you? Goodr sunglasses are fabulous – and by listening today and then entering you could score a pair through our 7 giveaways in 7 days. Keep listening.

So here we are, and it’s November. About 6 months ago I sat down at the computer and booked us one of the state park cabins for this coming long weekend, Thanksgiving. In May spending Thanksgiving weekend bundled and cozy in a postage stamp dry cabin with my family and dogs sounded magical and perfect. But right now, the weekend before Thanksgiving, fresh off a bout of COVID-19 it sounds, well, cold.

What you’re hearing now is me doing the thing I always do — making a big plan and then spending every second up until the point I execute the plan thinking it’s a terrible idea that will go horribly wrong. Then, the time comes, the plan is executed and – shocker – it’s pretty fun, I have a great time and all is well.

I’m confident that is exactly what will happen. But right now? We’re in the last part of the “this is going to be terrible and why did I decide we should do it?”

So, maybe you’re wondering what spending Thanksgiving in a dry cabin actually means. Or maybe, like my sons, you’re mostly worried about what someone eats for a Thanksgiving feast without a kitchen of any kind.

Well, here’s what it looks like. The state park cabin is small and cozy with a wood stove. The four of us will stay there with the dogs, tucked inside with the stove going and the snow falling. The bathroom is a pit toilet about 250 feet away.

For our feast? I’ve got a variety of instant camp foods — stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, canned cranberries, canned green beans — that are easy to make or reheat. We’ve got a turkey breast that is fully cooked and we’ll reheat. I’m baking a few pies ahead of time that we’ll take up. We’ll have egg nog, hot coffee, hot chocolate, the sleds, snowshoes and board and card games galore. It’s going to be fantastic. Right? Right. We’ll have lots of pictures, I promise — and hopefully the weather will be clear a little and we can see the mountains.

OK, you’re still listening right now because you want to hear the code for the giveaway. You can find the giveaway link in the show notes, on HumansOutside.com or on our social media profiles. To enter this giveaway you will enter a code. And here’s the code:

[Listen to the podcast to hear the code!]

The Goodr giveaway is part of 7 days of giveaways we’ve been doing. If you’re hearing this between Nov. 24 and 28 there’s still time to enter at least one of our giveaways! You can see how in the links I just mentioned.

And of course, you can keep up with what we’re doing outside — on our thanksgiving adventure and beyond — on humansoutside on Instagram and Facebook. I am so inspired when other people share their outdoor time with me, so tag yours #humansoutside365 so I can see it!

And a Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

And until next time, we’ll see you out there.

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