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[:01] Coming soon on Humans Outside Podcast
[:50] Humans Outside Season 2 preview
[1:48] What Amy has been doing since the end of Season 1
[2:20] How to support the podcast

There’s something about working with the earth, about hearing the birds sing and about producing in the sun. It’s more than just the physical labor, says this week’s guest Peter Scott, it’s about creating and being a part of something bigger.

Peter Scott can’t talk about a lot of what he did and saw while in the military. But he can talk about the farm he now uses to help veterans like himself heal from the wounds of war and to grow food for local military and veteran families. Listen to this compelling episode now!

[1:40] Peter’s favorite outdoor space
[2:49] How Peter ended up farming
[10:18] How working with the earth helps heal
[13:02] What draws Peter to farming
[17:11] How farming helps heal PTSD
[21:46] How Peter is helping others through his farm
[27:39] How to get started with a farm project
[30:27] Peter’s most essential outdoor gear
[31:37] Peter’s favorite outdoor gear
[32:58] Peter’s favorite outdoor moment

You probably know that “solstice” marks the shortest or longest day of the year. But did you know why it’s worth celebrating?

In this Outdoor Diary, Amy talks about Summer Solstice and why it matters so very much. Listen now!

[:34] The big deal about the light
[1:10] What is solstice?
[1:55] How to understand solstice
[3:00] What happens in the winter
[3:20] What happens in the summer
[3:35] How we celebrated Solstice
[4:39] This week’s outdoor hero: Cairn subscription box

Stephanie Puglisi and her family want to make traveling a part of their lifestyle, but with twin infants, the idea of tent camping seemed kind of crazy and staying in hotels was just super stressful.

Enter: RVing. Stephanie and her husband Jeremy changed their entire lives by investing in an RV and making traveling, camping and spending time in nature just a part of who they are as individuals and as a family. 


If you’ve ever thought about taking up camping but just hate the idea of sleeping on the ground or in a tent, this one is for you. Listen to this episode for great tips on purchasing an RV and shaping your professional life to support your personal goals.

[2:00] Stephanie’s favorite outdoor space
[3:24] Stephanie’s childhood in the outdoors
[5:16] Stephanie’s life before the RV
[8:31] Life with twins
[11:24] On the road with kids
[13:24] Making camping work for you
[23:45] Pivoting your career to chase your dream
[28:09] The impact of the outdoors on Stephanie as a person
[30:37] Stephanie’s book
[37:22] Stephanie’s top tip for RV newbies
[41:12] Stephanie’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear
[43:27] Stephanie’s favorite outdoor moment